Substituting a risk assessment form for Time Magazine

A recent study1 on the approach and outcomes of shared decision making in medical care found the following:

  • 86 randomized controlled trials show that patient decision support tools lead to positive effects for both the patient and the provider, namely:
    • They increase patient knowledge
    • They improve the patient’s perception of risks
    • They lead to choices which are more in line with the patient’s preferences
    • They reduce medical intervention.
  • These tools need to be embedded in the patient’s clinical pathway in the practice
  • Many healthcare providers instinctively felt that shared decision making was not feasible in busy clinics.

This study recommended that any tools for involving patients need only address what matters most, and be short, readable and accessible.

Want to see the risk assessment form? Want to see the personalized video? These tools for shared decision making will be on shortly.

Ross Perry

1. Elwyn G et al. 2013. Option grids: shared decision making made easier. Patient Education and Counseling, 90: 207-212

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