The Canary System detects caries beneath sealants

Quantum Dental Technologies announced today that The Canary System can accurately detect caries beneath dental sealants. Co-Founder and CEO, Dr. Stephen Abrams, DDS, presented the findings at the International Association of Dental Research 90th General Session in Iguacu Falls, Brazil.

“The idea to investigate this new application for The Canary System came from our clinicians who are using the device in Canada”, said Dr. Abrams. “Dental sealants are an excellent way to prevent caries in newly erupted pits and fissures of posterior teeth. Unfortunately, over time, they leak allowing the ingress of oral fluids and bacteria leading to caries, which cannot be detected by traditional methods, until the lesions are sufficiently large.”

The energy conversion technology, PTR-LUM, that powers The Canary System enabled investigators to detect caries beneath 2mm of 3M ESPE Clinpro Sealant™.

This extracted tooth study performed in collaboration with Dr. Ben Amaechi of the University of Texas in San Antonio highlights the potential of The Canary System to assist dental professionals to detect the presence of caries beneath sealants.

“We’ve been contacted by many dental professionals wanting to know the impact of sealants on the Canary Number, and we now have some incredible evidence confirming that the Canary technology can ‘see-through’ sealants, said Dr. Josh Silvertown, Vice President Corporate Development. “We invite dentists and researchers to visit us at Booth #908 at the IADR Meeting. Come see The Canary System in action and learn how this powerful tool can change the way you detect and treat caries.” THE CANARY SYSTEM is powered by PTR-LUM – a revolutionary new tool that can detect, map and monitor carious lesions on any tooth surface — earlier and more accurately than ever before.

The Canary System is a low-powered laser-based device that uses a novel combination of heat and light to directly examine the crystal structure of teeth and map areas of tooth decay. The Canary System’s interactive software and printed patient reports engage patients in their own oral healthcare like never before. For those who cannot attend the IADR, please visit or email to request additional information.