Timothy A. Brown Awarded Esteemed Designation

Jackie Joachim, Chief Operating Officer, ROI Corporation is pleased to announce that Timothy A. Brown, President and CEO, ROI Corporation has been awarded a Fellowship (FRI) in the prestigious Real Estate Institute of Canada (REIC).

To become a fellow in the REIC a candidate must complete extensive, voluntary continuing education in ethics, legal matters and numerous other courses of study pertaining to real estate and business brokerage in all its facets.

The FRI designation elevates Timothy’s status as a business broker, one who has now acquired over 30 years of practical skills and industry knowledge. REIC is nationally recognized for standards of business practice and ethics. The FRI designation is acknowledged by the real estate community as a benchmark of excellence and accomplishment.

ROI Corporation, a long time advertiser with Oral Health is proud that Timothy is the only Dental, Veterinary and Optometryappraisal and brokerage individual to carry this prestigious designation.