Velscope Vx Awarded Pride Institute’s “Best of Class”

Unique in its approach and scope, the Pride Institute’s “Best of Class” Technology Award, now in its fifth year, continues to recognize products that demonstrate excellence in their category. In 2013, Velscope Vx® from LED Medical Diagnostics, distributed by DenMat, is one of those lauded as “Best of Class.”

“We are truly honored to be one of the very few to receive such a prestigious award for the third consecutive year,” said Peter Whitehead, Chief Executive Officer of LED Medical Diagnostics. “I am thrilled to see, yet again, that the technology leaders within the dental community believe in our technology as much as we do.”

The Velscope Vx Enhanced Oral Assessment system is the world’s leading adjunctive technology for the detection of cancer, pre-cancer and other oral disease that might not be apparent to the naked eye. Its popularity stems from the fact that its exams are completely non-invasive and affordable, take only two minutes, and have been shown by numerous clinical studies and extensive in-practice use to be highly effective.

About Pride Institute
The Pride Institute’s panel composed of leading voices in dental technology comes together each year to discuss, debate and decide what products merit truly special recognition. All technology categories are considered, but if there is no clear differentiator that sets a product apart in its category, then no winner is selected. Each product honored as “Best of Class” features unique characteristics that differentiate it from the competition in a compelling way and, more importantly, creates value for the general dentist.

Organized by Dr. Lou Shuman, President of Pride Institute, the panel is committed to a selection method that is unbiased and rigorous. Throughout the course of the year, members of the panel review new and existing technologies in preparation for the vote. Panelists who receive compensation from a dental company are prevented from voting in that company’s category. This facilitates a spirited debate and selection process that allows a variety of products, obscure and well-known, basic and aspirational, the chance to be honored. More importantly, it provides the dental professional with a product perspective untainted by manufacturer intervention.

“I am honored by the impact the award is having on purchasing decisions and its value to the manufacturing community,” Dr. Lou Shuman, DMD, CAGS, Best of Class founder and President of Pride Institute shared, “but I am most proud of the integrity of our process and how it differentiates this award from any other provided today. The formula, technology leadership in dentistry, unbiased and not for profit, works. Even now, five years in, it is incredible to see this vision come to fruition thanks to the support of the panel, ADA, Dental Products Report, and Dental Economics.”

The panel consists of seven dentists with significant knowledge of and experience in dental technology, including Dr. Shuman; John Flucke, DDS, writer, speaker and Technology Editor for Dental Products Report; Paul Feuerstein, DMD, writer, speaker and Technology Editor for Dental Economics; Titus Schleyer, DMD, PhD, Associate Professor and Director, Center for Dental Informatics at the University of Pittsburg, School of Dental Medicine; Marty Jablow, DMD, technology writer and consultant for Dr. BiCuspid; Parag Kachalia, DDS, Vice-Chair of Preclinical Education, Research and Technology, University of Pacific School of Dentistry; and Larry Emmott, DDS, technology writer, speaker and dental marketing consultant.

“The energy and true expertise that the panel brings to the table are true gifts to the profession,” said Dr. Shuman. “I feel very fortunate to have each member as part of this process.”

The Pride Institute Best of Class Technology awards were launched in 2009 as a new concept to provide an unbiased, non-profit assessment of available technologies in the dental space. Through print and digital media coverage, the “Best of Class” message reaches the community of 150,000 dentists through multiple touch points, in print and online, educating them about the products. Honoree participation in the “Tech Expo” at the American Dental Association’s Annual Session offers face-to-face interaction with the companies as well as technology-centered education provided by members of the panel as well as the esteemed consultants of Pride Institute. Courses at last year’s 2012 meeting sold out. This year’s event will be held October 31 to November 3 in New Orleans.

About LED Medical Diagnostics Inc.
Founded in 2003 and headquartered in Burnaby, British Columbia, Canada, LED Medical Diagnostics Inc. is a leading developer of LED-based visualization technologies for the medical industry. The Company is currently listed on the Toronto Stock Exchange (TSX-V) under the symbol “LMD”, the OTCQX under the symbol “LEDIF”, as well as the Frankfurt Stock Exchange under the symbol “LME”. For more information, visit

About DenMat
DenMat Holdings, LLC manufactures a broad range of cosmetic, restorative and clinical product solutions, available in the U.S. and more than 68 countries worldwide. Innovative products and new distribution partnerships continue to position DenMat at the forefront of the dental industryfrom Lumineers®, the most patient-requested thin veneers in dentistry, to innovative diagnostic and clinical solutions including Velscope Vx® and PeriOptix®, as well as noted brands like the Flashlite® Magna 4.0 curing light and Splash!® VPS impression materials. The DenMat Lab is recognized as a leading laboratory for both minimally invasive and traditional-preparation restorations, while DenMat Education offers Continuing Education programs internationally, including Destination Education events. For more information, visit or call 800-4DENMAT (1-800-433-6628).