Why Thousands Of Doctors Are Trusting OMNICHROMA

Since its launch at the Chicago Midwinter show in February, 2019, OMNICHROMA has been making a huge splash across the country, impacting dentists’ practices and simplifying their procedures. As the first universal composite that matches every tooth shade with a single shade of composite, OMNICHROMA is now finding itself as the main composite for many dentists across the nation. Here, we look at three reasons why doctors are trusting OMNICHROMA for their restorative needs:


OMNICHROMA’s revolutionary technology relies on a science called ‘Smart Chromatic Technology.’ This technology is based off the science of structural color. Almost every composite currently on the market relies on chemical color through added dyes and pigments to match a particular tooth shade. With OMNICHROMA, there are no added dyes or pigments. OMNICHROMA’s spherical fillers are all uniform in shape and size, which enables them to generate the red-to-yellow color of natural teeth through physical light properties. The generated red-to-yellow color then combines with the surrounding tooth color, creating a perfect match for every tooth. By not relying on particular product shades and shade guides, doctors have been excited that they no longer have to worry about matching a specific shade of a tooth. OMNICHROMA simplifies their restorations by handling all of their color-matching needs with a single shade of composite.




OMNICHROMA’s technology enables it to continue matching the color of a tooth over time, even before and after teeth bleaching. Since the composite generates the color of the tooth by itself without any added dyes or pigments, it will simply continue to generate the color of the tooth as the tooth changes color over time. While OMNICHROMA is still very stain resistant, doctors have appreciated its ability to continuously adjust to the natural color of the tooth since this will prevent the need to redo restorations after, for instance, a bleaching procedure.



OMNICHROMA greatly reduces the need for storing excess composite or rarely used composite shades, ultimately reducing overhead and inventory costs. Since it is a single composite shade that matches every tooth shade, doctors no longer need to keep rare composite shades on hand anymore. This is particularly great news since these shades often end up expiring before they even have a chance to be fully used. Since OMNICHROMA can be used for so many cases, doctors have recognized how it can reduce overhead by eliminating the need to stock so many shades of materials. Also, since it will be used so often, it will have an unlikely chance of expiring before being used.

OMNICHROMA is now trusted by doctors across the nation, benefitting their practices and simplifying their restorative procedures. It saves doctors time and money while resulting in beautiful, strong, and long-lasting restorations.

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