World Oral Health Day 2014: a focus on protecting the teeth and mouth throughout life

A World Day for a global issue: oral health

FDI World Dental Federation presents a stylish and memorable new World Oral Health Day logo

LISTERINE®, Unilever, Henry Schein and Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program become the official global partners for World Oral Health Day 2014


FDI World Dental Federation is gearing up for the celebration of World Oral Health Day 2014 (WOHD 2014), which will be held on the 20th March. Celebrated around the world, WOHD 2014 focus is on reminding young and old of the importance of protecting the teeth and mouth throughout life.
“Over 90% of the world’s population will suffer some form of dental disease in their lifetime but many of these can easily be treated or prevented with a good oral care routine,” commented FDI President Dr. Tin Chun Wong. “There are more than 2 million oral health care professionals around the world and in 2014 we hope that they will join together with us and our partners, to make World Oral Health Day a worldwide success.”
To kick-off the 2014 campaign, FDI is today presenting a revamped WOHD logo. The re-vitalized image represents a happy, healthy smile that transmits the essence of World Oral Health Day, a day where everyone around the world can take part in celebrating healthy smiles.
The new logo presented today will be accompanied by a creative campaign that celebrates the positive things that can be enjoyed when one has a healthy mouth such as laughing, eating or kissing. “We want to celebrate healthy smiles,” stated FDI’s Executive Director Jean-Luc Eiselé, reiterating this year’s campaign claim. “The vitality of the smile seen in our new logo is the same vitality that we want to see in everyone’s face on World Oral Health Day, be it in Nepal, Croatia or Chile. We want to spread the message of good oral health and the importance of a good oral care routine to local communities around the world and reduce the suffering and burden of oral disease.”
In addition, FDI confirmed that World Oral Health Day 2014 will be supported by four key global partners: Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies, Unilever, Henry Schein and Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program. The former two were partners in 2013 and are back in 2014.
“World Oral Health Day is key to raising awareness across the globe of oral health issues; however, it would be impossible to achieve the necessary global impact without the help of our partners,” emphasized the FDI President.

About World Oral Heath Day
World Oral Health Day is celebrated every year on 20th March. The theme of World Oral Health Day 2014 is ‘Celebrating Healthy Smiles’. It reflects the major contribution oral health makes to our lives. Around the world, FDI member dental associations, schools, companies and other groups will celebrate the day with events organized under this single, unifying and simple message.
About FDI
FDI World Dental Federation serves as the principal representative body for more than one million dentists worldwide, developing health policy and continuing education programmes, speaking as a unified voice for dentistry in international advocacy, and supporting member associations in global oral health promotion activities. Over the years, it has developed programmes, initiatives, campaigns, policies and congresses, always with a view to occupying a space that no other not-for-profit group can claim.
FDI works at national and international level through its own activities and those of its member dental associations. It is in official relations with the World Health Organization (WHO) and a member of the World Health Professionals Alliance (WHPA).
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World Oral Health Day 2014 partners
LISTERINE® brand Mouthwash, part of the Johnson & Johnson Family of Consumer Companies
LISTERINE® Mouthwash is the world’s number one daily mouthwash with antibacterial properties to clean the mouth, freshen breath and fight plaque. Over 50 clinical studies support the plaque reduction efficacy of LISTERINE® Mouthwash when used routinely as an adjunct to mechanical plaque removal. LISTERINE® Mouthwash has been used by more than one billion people in more than 85 countries. Professional dental organizations around the world have awarded LISTERINE® Mouthwash with their seals of acceptance.
Unilever Oral Care is a leading global manufacturer of oral care products, including toothpaste, toothbrushes and mouthwash, represented by brands including Signal, Pepsodent, Close Up, Mentadent, Aim, P/S and Zhong Hua. Unilever recognizes that good oral health and the sense of well-being and confidence it brings, is a vital element to making people look good, feel good and get more out of life and that small every day actions, such as twice daily brushing with a fluoride toothpaste, add up to make a big difference for the world. Through its science, products, partnerships and international network, Unilever Oral Care is privileged with the power to make a sustainable and measurable improvement to oral health around the world.
Henry Schein
Henry Schein, Inc. is the world’s largest provider of health care products and services to office-based dental, animal health and medical practitioners. The Company also serves dental laboratories, government and institutional health care clinics, and other alternate care sites. A Fortune 500®[1] Company and a member of the NASDAQ[2] 100® Index, Henry Schein employs nearly 16,000 Team Schein Members and serves more than 775,000 customers. For more information, visit:
Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program
The Wrigley Oral Healthcare Program (WOHP) partners with dental professionals worldwide, helping them improve their patients’ oral health through one extra simple and enjoyable step in their daily routine: chewing sugarfree gum after eating and drinking on-the-go. For more than 25 years, WOHP has supported independent clinical research into the benefits of chewing gum, including saliva stimulation, plaque acid neutralization and tooth strengthening to help dental professionals and their patients understand the role of sugarfree gum as a convenient tool for everyday oral care. Today, Wrigley operates oral healthcare programs in 47 countries worldwide. WOHP is one example of how we make a difference to people and the planet through performance, and how we incorporate our principles based approach to business into all that we do. For more information, visit:

[1] The Fortune 500 is an annual list compiled and published by Fortune magazine that ranks the top 500 U.S. closely held and public corporations as ranked by their gross revenue after adjustments made by Fortune to exclude the impact of excise taxes companies incur. The list includes publicly and privately held companies for which revenues are pub
licly available. The first Fortune 500 list was published in 1955.

[2] The NASDAQ Stock Market, commonly known as the NASDAQ, is an American stock exchange. NASDAQ originally stood for National Association of Securities Dealers Automated Quotations. It is the second-largest stock exchange in the world by market capitalization, after the New York Stock Exchange. The exchange platform is owned by NASDAQ OMX Group, which also owns the OMX stock market network.