Xenopus Rewards Employees for Banner Year

Xenopus inc. has managed to be a winner in lean times. “Our dedicated staff, technological improvements and increases in productivity have resulted in incredible improvements in production and sales.” Said Joanne Kydd, COO at the small Canadian owned firm based in Morrisburg, Ontario. What the staff is doing has certainly produced results. Production is up almost 30% and sales are up over 20%.

Xenopus Inc. produces the high end Tri Hawk line of dental burs (known as drills to the layman) and demand is most definitely on the rise. “Our staff’s dedication to quality is what has helped us grow even in tough times.” said CEO, Gustel Fischer. “We want to reward our strong team and attract more great people to the company” said Joanne Kydd after announcing a 17% wage increase at the plant on Thursday.

Xenopus is looking to further invest in its employees by encouraging them to continue to develop their skill sets in the trades and other key areas. The company continues to add both personnel and new machines to its operations increasing its labour force by over 20% and the number of machines by almost 15%.

The company’s intense focus, expertise, and passion to make the best burs in the world is how Xenopus Inc. and the Tri Hawk brand of dental products present themselves, and that seems to be a recipe for success.

To find out more about Xenopus Inc. and Tri Hawk products call (800) 874-4295 or visit http://www.trihawk.com

About Xenopus Inc.
Xenopus designs and manufactures the Tri Hawk brand of dental burs which set the standard for the industry. The burs permit cuts in multiple directions at high cutting rates and with virtual immunity to breakage. Blacked out shafts give the users an excellent view of the cutting area and the burs are individually packaged to guarantee cleanliness.