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1-Minute, Low-Alcohol, CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 – Now Available!

May 4, 2012
by Total Care

TotalCare, specialist in Dental Infection Prevention, is pleased to announce the launch of an all-new family of surface disinfection products, CaviCide1™ and CaviWipes1™.  Both CaviCide1 and Caviwipes1 are low alcohol surface disinfectants that kill TB and 20 other organisms in 1-minute, while maintaining multi-surface, multi-material compatibility.  The formulation enables CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 to be both effective cleaners and effective disinfectants.

“CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 are the result of years of research and development based off of customer feedback.  We are extremely excited to enable our customers to do their jobs with greater ease and peace of mind as we continue to work at protecting people within the healthcare environment.” stated Todd Norbe, President of TotalCare.

CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1, are conveniently packaged, multi-purpose disinfectant/decontaminant cleaners that can be used on hard, non-porous surfaces.  These new formulations are effective in killing bacteria, viruses and fungi in 1-minute including TB, MRSA, HIV-1, HBV and HCV.  When used as directed, fragrance free CaviCide1 and CaviWipes1 will effectively clean and disinfect most surfaces in the dental operatory and can help reduce the risk of cross contamination.

CaviCide1 is available in 24 oz spray bottles, 1 gallon and 2.5 gallon jugs.  CaviWipes1 are available in 2 sizes including 6”x9” and XL (9”x12”). To learn more, visit www.trycavicide1.com.

 About TotalCare
TotalCare is a division of Metrex Research, LLC. Our corporate headquarters is located inOrange,California, and our state-of-the-art manufacturing facility is inRomulus,Michigan. At TotalCare, we’re all about protecting people by providing high-quality infection-prevention products, including a complete line of pre-cleaners and enzymatic detergents, high-level disinfectants, surface disinfectants, liquid medical waste disposal products, eye protection and hand hygiene products. TotalCare products are sold through leading dental and medical product suppliers around the globe. To contact a TotalCare representative, call 800.841.1428 or visit totalcareprotects.com

For more information, contact:

Jessica Grover
Phone: (714)  817-5402
Email:  jessica.grover@sybrondental.com 
Website: www.totalcareprotects.com

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