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A true classic! Wirobond alloys from BEGO

August 26, 2013
by Oral Health Group

The key to success lies in the wealth of expertise which the BEGO Group has developed over the decades in the field of Wirobond® alloys. These have been used for more than 30 years to create high-quality crowns and bridges for patient treatments and still remain extremely popular.

“Wirobond® runs like a golden thread through BEGO’s individual branches of business”, explained PD Dr Roland Strietzel, Head of Alloy Development at BEGO. According to Strietzel, the tradition-steeped history of cobalt-chrome alloys at BEGO dates back to 1953 and can be found in both conventional, CAD/CAM and implantology solutions at BEGO.

As part of modern CAD/CAM manufacturing techniques, Wirobond® is used, for example, in the SLM process introduced by BEGO in dental technology. Here Wirobond® C+ forms the base material for creating tension-free veneer frames by way of additive manufacturing. BEGO Implant Systems’ trademark is its range of prefabricated standard abutments made of Wirobond® MI. On the other hand, Wirobond® MI+, which is milled using state-of-the-art CAD/CAM technology, is offered for high-precision crown and bridge frames as well as for bars and customised abutments in the field of implant prosthodontics.

The advantages for the laboratory are clear to see: Mechanically flawless processing thanks to the homogeneous microstructure of the metal, the creation of secure laser welded seams of, e.g., bar components and the medically outstanding polishing qualities of the emergence profile. The resulting resistance to plaque formation is unique. For patients, the use of the same alloy components means a high degree of safety thanks to evidence-based material research which ensures a high, validated level of biocompatibility. Moreover, the low thermal conductivity provides a high degree of wearing comfort for patients. 

“The alloys in the Wirobond® series have been a successful part of BEGO’s international product portfolio for many years now and continue to be highly regarded by users. Given the outstanding properties of Wirobond® these reliable alloys have been used by laboratories for years”, concluded Strietzel.

Image (© BEGO): Image 1: Customised, milled abutment made of Wirobond® MI+ Image 2: A Wirobond® C+ bridge made using the SLM process Image 3: Tried and tested in conventional dental technology – a veneered Wirobond® 280 bridge

For more information please visit our website at: www.bego.com.

About BEGO The BEGO Bremer Goldschlägerei Wilhelm Herbst GmbH & Co. KG is one of the leading international dental companies. The owner-led company provides a wide selection of products and services “made in Germany” through their divisions BEGO Dental, BEGO Medical, and BEGO Implant Systems. Since its foundation in 1890, BEGO has been active in research and further education, upholds strong cooperation with universities and master schools, and holds many patents. In 2008, BEGO was the only dental company awarded the renowned “TOP100” seal of approval for their superb innovation.


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