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Absolute.Best.Contacts.: Innovative Sectional Matrix System by Danville Materials

February 22, 2011
by Danville


The ABC Wedge makes restoring the wide open box or missing cusp easy when using sectional matrix or trimmed Tofflemeier bands.  It is all too frequent that excessive decay results in fractured cusps.  Previously, the only alternative was a Tofflemeier band with the obtrusive retainer, frequently creating difficulty in restoring a tight, biomimetic contact.

The ABC Wedge supports the band whether a sectional or trimmed Tofflemeier allowing easy placement of sectional rings. When inserted from the buccal and lingual the wings support the band and secure the matrix to the gingival floor. The wedges’ central groove align the ring for maximum separation ensuring tight biomimetic contacts.  Danville Materials 800-827-7940


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