ACTIVA BioACTIVE Deemed “Revolutionary” Product in Aesthetic Dentistry

Dr. Howard Glazer has dedicated the past four decades to the field of dentistry. This clinician, educator and former AGD President has evaluated many products over the years and describes ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE as “revolutionary” in a recent interview with Compendium.  “With ACTIVA, we have the ability to treat the tooth from within” says Dr. Glazer, explaining that “ACTIVA is the first esthetic restorative to not only give us fluoride release and recharge, but also calcium and phosphate, which are the building blocks of tooth structure. This brings strength to the restoration and allows me to truly restore a tooth, not just repair it.” Click here to read the interview.

Winner of The Dental Advisor Top Bioactive Product award, ACTIVA BioACTIVE-RESTORATIVE scored a 5+ in its One-Year Clinical Performance Report. The product received a 98% rating at the one-year recall.  ACTIVA improves restorative outcomes by sealing margins and protecting against microleakage and secondary caries.

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