Advantage Arrest, Silver Diamine Fluoride – New Indication

The word has been out in the Canadian dental community for many months now, and scientific literature also shows it1; Silver Diamine Fluoride (SDF) can arrest cavities even if cavitated lesions are present.

Today, we have something new coming from Health Canada to announce; Health Canada has recently granted Advantage Arrest (NPN 80075746) the indication «Arrests the Progress of an Already Formed Cavity in Permanent & Primary Teeth». This does not mean that the product formulation changed or anything like that. It only shows how strong the scientific evidences of its effectiveness are. We are really proud!

With regards to children, it is now possible to stop caries on primary teeth and avoid the anxiety and cost of a restoration, and even general anesthesia in the case of multiple caries. Yes, it will stain the lesions dark, but how minimal is this side effect compared to the burden experienced by a child facing a standard restoration?

And to demystify this myth once and for all, no SDF is not only for children. It is ideal for high risk caries patients with behavioral or medical management issues, patients with lesions that can’t be treated in one visit, and difficult-to-treat dental caries.

Feel confident! You can significantly enhance your caries treatment and your patient’s experience by offering SDF!