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American Eagle Instruments Launches Pro Thin™ Line

March 24, 2017
by American Eagle Instruments

American Eagle Instruments is proud to announce the Pro Thin line, a new line of periodontal instruments. The line of 7 instruments features thinner blades and lighter handles, which provides the clinician with the best tools for periodontally inclined patients.

The line started with the popular M23 Thin scaler, and evolved into a complete set of instruments that now includes thinner versions of the Blackjack scaler, Barnhart 5-6 curette, and Gracey Access instruments 1-2, 7-8, 13-14 and 15-16.

The Pro Thin line’s thinner blades are made possible because of American Eagle Instruments’ patented sharpen-free XP® Technology. This technology is a proprietary process in which the metallurgical composition of the instrument’s surface is enhanced, giving it the properties of a much more durable material. This process allows AEI to put a sharper edge onto a thinner blade, eliminating the time-consuming and imperfect task of sharpening your instruments.

When using XP Technology instruments, clinicians use only a very light grasp and shaving stroke rather than lateral pressure below a deposit, similar to the technique used with an ultrasonic scaler.  This scaling stroke aids in correct ergonomics and hand health and is much more comfortable for the patient.

About American Eagle Instruments
American Eagle Instruments is celebrating our 25th Anniversary of handcrafted excellence. Each instrument is handmade in our Missoula, Montana factory. AEI offers comprehensive lines of dental products, designed for the forward thinking dental professional.  Our product line includes: scalers, curettes, Gracey curettes, implant maintenance instruments, cone-socket instruments, diagnostic, composite, and restorative instruments.

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