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AurumTek Milled Custom Implant AbutmentsA perfect fit… for strength, precision and esthetics

March 19, 2010
by Eric P. Jones & Associates Inc.

Combine the natural beauty of shaded Zirconia and the strength of Titanium with Aurum Ceramic/Classics exclusive AurumTek custom abutment. Compatible with a wide variety
of implant systems, AurumTeks full palette of shades ensure a seamless transition between abutment and crown. Perfect emergence profiles provide optimal soft tissue support and margin placement.

Abutment height, width, margin and angulation are all easily customized. Best of all, AurumTek abutments are CAD/CAM milled in-house at Aurum Ceramic/Classic in as little as two days in-lab for fast turnaround, depending on the clinical situation.

AurumTeks titanium base allows a metal-to-metal connection between screw and abutment. This helps prevent fracturing as the stresses from torquing the screw are focused on the titanium versus the zirconia. You can restore even large full arch or full mouth reconstruction cases with perfect confidence.

Custom fabricated all-Zirconia or all- Titanium abutments are also available.

Contact your closest Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratory location or call 1-800-661-1169 to learn more about exceptionally fast, accurate and beautiful AurumTek Custom Milled Zirconia Abutments.

About Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories Aurum Ceramic/Classic (www.aurumgroup.com) specializes in Comprehensive Aesthetic and Implant Dentistry. As a leader in state-of-the-art dentistry, we are committed to setting the platinum standard in laboratory services and outstanding results. Aurum Ceramic/Classic has always been committed to supporting dentistry with not only the most technologically advanced restorative materials and techniques available but also in terms of research, education and program assistance. We are proud to be a Preferred Lab Partner at LVI Global (Las Vegas Institute). Aurum Ceramic/Classic is an exclusive Lab Sponsor to gIDE; works closely with Common Sense Dentistry (Dr. Louis Malcmacher) and PTC; is a Corporate Gold Member of AACD; and is a supporter of Oral Health America and many other foundations and initiatives.

For further information, please contact:

Eric Jones
Eric P. Jones & Associates Inc.,
Telephone: 1-866-654-2434
Email: ejones@vaxxine.com

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