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AVINENT™ Canada Continues to Expand Its Hands-on Implantology Course Offerings

August 23, 2016
by Oral Health

Dentists during surgery for implant placementSimplify your in-practice Implant Workflow with AVINENT™ Canada’s growing range of hands-on courses.

Dental implants have been successfully used for over 35 years and have now become the Standard of Care across Canada. However, with limited exposure to implant dentistry in dental school, introducing and growing oral implantology in the individual dental practice has been a challenge for many practitioners. Unlike the majority of dental implantology CE programs based on lecture components and occasional simulated dentistry, AVINENT Canada has designed its program to provide personalized, practical and hands-on education from leading practicing clinicians. You will be able to confidently treatment plan, place and restore implants from “Root to Tooth” immediately after your training.

The AVINENT Canada curriculum now features two exciting, well-established programs (with a third due for launch in early 2017):

  • The “Surgical Implant Mentorship” Program with Dr. Frederick Li has been designed to allow clinicians to become confident in planning and treating small edentulous areas with dental implants. It combines Group case discussion, staff training, treatment planning and Demonstration surgery on live patients, culminating with one-on-one mentor-assisted surgery on your own patient.  Delivered over a comprehensive three-day timeframe, each program features a maximum of 8 attendees and is conducted 80% in-office (mentor or designates) for true over-the-shoulder training.
  • The “Advanced Surgical Skills with Implants” Program has been created for both the dentist practicing implant prosthetics and for the dentist practicing implant surgery. Successful surgical outcomes around both implants and teeth rely upon good surgical technique, and the ability to regenerate both hard and soft tissue in complex situations.  Covering everything from basic incision and anatomic flap design, management and suturing techniques to successful Socket Management Techniques, this one day intensive course employs a combination of lectures and hands-on training using pig jaws to teach the principles of hard and soft tissue grafting around both teeth and implants. Taught by certified periodontal specialists, the course is packed with easy-to-apply techniques that you can integrate into your practice immediately.
  • AND watch for AVINENT™ Canada’s Guided Surgery Courses – COMING IN SPRING 2017 (go to www.canada.avinent.com or contact AVINENT™ Canada for more information)

Sign up now for (and for information on new dates in your area):

                The “Surgical Implant Mentorship” Program

September 22-24 – Kelowna, BC (Waitlisted)

October 20-22 – Halifax, BC (Waitlisted)

November 17-19 – Edmonton, AB

Advanced Surgical Skills with Implants

October 15 – Saskatoon, SK

October 23, 2016 – Halifax, NS (Waitlisted)

November 28 – Kingston, ON

AVINENT Implants and proven digital systems – A whole new way of looking at implantology!

For more information on these and other new programs currently being developed, contact AVINENT Canada Ltd. Toll-free 1-855-566-5928 or by email at info@avinentcanada.com. For full details, technical data and scientific information on the complete AVINENT implant system offering, visit our website at www.canada.avinent.com.

About AVINENT™ Canada

Your complete digital implant solution from Root to Tooth: Continuing Education; Surgical Planning; Implants, Abutments and Surgical Guides; Final Restorations! Move towards the future with AVINENT™ Canada today! Now distributed on five continents, with over 300,000 implants placed long-term in Europe and around the globe (over 98.5% success rate), AVINENT implants and prosthetic solutions are the result of years of intensive research and development. Their two implant systems – CORAL and OCEAN – feature the company’s revolutionary BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE, inspired by the biochemical processes that occur in nature. With optimal osseointegration, remarkable primary stability, and our “correct pricing” strategy, AVINENT implants and proven digital systems simply make your clinical task easier. Blending both subtle and significant AVINENT-developed improvements into proven and popular tapered implant designs, they represent the state-of-the-art in implantology. All backed by fully customized best-in-class CAD/CAM prosthetic solutions milled by Core3dcentres for excellent aesthetic results. Available with internal and external hex connection.

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