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AVINENT Canada Launches Guided Surgery System

July 29, 2015
by Aurum Ceramic/Classic Dental Laboratories

Calgary, AB  – EasyPredictableAffordable, that’s how AVINENT™ Canada’s new guided surgery system has been described. Making AVINENT implant placement protocol even safer and more precise, the system allows surgery to be planned taking the final result of the prosthesis into account. This facilitates the clinicians’ restorative process and improves patients’ post-operative recovery. Available on a “pay per case” basis along with a competitively priced surgical template, there is no initial investment involved for the clinician and full technical support is available throughout the process. Patients receive reliable, accurate and minimally invasive surgery; a more comfortable post-operative period; and optimal aesthetic results. Best of all for both clinician and patient; fewer appointments are required.

See the guided surgery system in action for yourself with a new six minute video “Guided Surgery Options Video”, available off our website at www.canada.avinent.com/news.htm.

The video clearly illustrates the entire process visually from practice to laboratory to milling centre and back to temporary placement, step-by-step. See how an intraoral or lab scan (STL file) and a CBCT (Cone beam DiCom file) can be merged via 3Shape software to plan an actual case, design and print a guided stent, and finally provide a custom milled temporary to be placed at time of surgery.

AVINENT Implants and proven digital systems – A whole new way of looking at implantology!

For more information, contact AVINENT Canada Ltd. Toll-free 1-855-566-5928 or by email at info@avinentcanada.com. For full details, technical data and scientific information on the complete AVINENT implant system offering, visit our website at www.canada.avinent.com.

About AVINENT™ Canada
Your complete digital implant solution! Move towards the future with AVINENT™ Canada today! Now distributed on five continents, with over 300,000 implants placed long-term in Europe and around the globe (over 98.5% success rate), AVINENT implants and prosthetic solutions are the result of years of intensive research and development. Their two implant systems – CORAL and OCEAN – feature the company’s revolutionary BIOMIMETIC ADVANCED SURFACE, inspired by the biochemical processes that occur in nature. With optimal osseointegration, remarkable primary stability, and our “correct pricing” strategy, AVINENT implants and proven digital systems simply make your clinical task easier. Blending both subtle and significant AVINENT-developed improvements into proven and popular tapered implant designs, they represent the state-of-the-art in implantology. All backed by fully customized best-in-class CAD/CAM prosthetic solutions milled by Core3dcentres for excellent aesthetic results. Available with internal and external hex connection.

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