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BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable

November 22, 2013
by Shofu Dental Corp.

The new BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is an advanced, GIOMER bulk fill restorative material for base and liner placement in class I-II posterior restorations. Shofu’s proprietary GIOMER technology, a surface pre-reacted glass filler, provides high fluoride release and recharge benefits with ideal light diffusion properties to allow complete 4mm depth of cure without being too translucent, a known shortcoming of bulk fill composites. The outcome is an improved aesthetic result and nice shade adaptability within the patient’s mouth.

The hydrophobic nature of GIOMER and different particle sizes creates a dense distribution within the resin and a high filler load (72.5wt%) to successfully reduce polymerization shrinkage stress.  The material exhibits excellent strength and surface hardness with high radiopacity to ensure easy identification. Designed with a self-leveling feature to increase cavity adaption, ease of use and reduce time spent manipulating material. BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is the new GIOMER bulk fill restorative you can trust.

Available in a 2.4 gm. syringe in universal and dentin shades, BEAUTIFIL Bulk Flowable is valued at a suggested retail price of only $37.44.

For more information visit www.shofu.com, or contact Shofu Dental Corp. at 1.800.827.4638.

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