BEGO Semados® Trays Optimised for Safe Handling

The new plastic surgical trays are manufactured in a two-component injection moulding process. The silicone stoppers for retaining the instruments are firmly attached to the tray base as a result. This considerably reduces the time needed for processing because it is no longer necessary to remove and replace the silicone stoppers for cleaning.

The tray base can be cleaned in a wire mesh basket in the thermal disinfector loaded with stainless steel instruments. The primary focus when developing the new trays was to meet the latest hygienic requirements for dental practices and legal regulations.

‘The new BEGO Semados® plastic trays ensure that the quality of cleaning and sterilisation is high and verifiable’, commented graduate engineer André Henkel, product manager at BEGO Implant Systems. ‘Instruments and equipment from existing BEGO Semados® aluminium trays can be easily transferred to the new plastic versions,’ continued Henkel.

At the same time as the surgery trays, all drill stop trays (now with a simplified removal technique) and the prosthetic kit with an expanded instrument set are being switched to the new plastic material.

About BEGO Implant Systems
Bremen-based BEGO Implant Systems GmbH & Co. KG is a thriving, growth-oriented company in the dental implant industry. The company has been developing and manufacturing dental implants and accessories for implant-based treatment of patients around the world since 1990. Dental implants “Made by BEGO” epitomise top Germanmade products at a fair price, delivering a perfect combination of safety, durability, aesthetics and reliability. BEGO Implant Systems GmbH &Co. KG has patented many of its developments.