Beyes Introduces the Masteri Class B Automatic Cycle Autoclave

Beyes Dental Canada recently launched the highly-advanced Masteri Class B automatic cycle autoclave unit. The Masteri Class B Autoclave also has the following distinctive main attributes:

  • Speedy – Thoroughly sterilized instruments are available in 21 minutes.
  • Safe – Meets all the latest safety and regulatory requirements. The Masteri includes a hook-type door lock, a micro-switch door locking system and an electronic door lock.
  • Secure – Built-in data logger stores your information on a USB drive that is waterproof and shockproof with an internal printer available as an option.
  • Simple – A full range of sterilization options can be easily selected via an intuitive touch display.

The Masteri is available in 18 and 23-liter chamber sizes and is built to withstand the toughest environments and high-volume demands. It also incorporates a pre-vac mode which removes air from the chamber to ensure optimal steam penetration, as well as a post-vac mode for removing air from the chamber for ultra-fast drying.

The Masteri is also the first autoclave with capacitive sensing control which can detect and measure anything that is conductive or has a dielectric that is different than the surrounding air. Because of this, the touch pad is seamless, and the buttons are fully-protected from dirt and moisture and can be activated while wearing exam gloves.


According to company spokesperson, Jannis Tu, “We’re very proud of the newest member of the Beyes product family. The Masteri is the result of a stringent process of research, design, prototyping and clinical testing. The final product is one of the most reliable, high-performance autoclave units currently on the market –  and the only one that comes with a 25-month warranty.”

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