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BiodentineTM: Proven Complete Restoration in One Session

June 12, 2012
by Septodont**

Improving on the clinical implementation of Biodentine, Septodont announces that placing a composite on top of Biodentine in the same visit is a proven safe and effective procedure.

A case study showing a 1-year clinical follow-up, demonstrates that the functional integrity of the full restoration is maintained when the composite is bonded onto Biodentine 10-12 minutes after the start of mix. After 1 year, the restoration showed zero defects and the radiograph showed no secondary decay.

Studies conducted in theUSAby the Dental Advisor and theUniversityofMarylandand published at the March 2012 AADR meeting inTampaprove that Biodentine has immediate physical properties comparable to glass ionomers. The studies prove that a full restoration with Biodentine plus composite can be achieved in one single visit.

As the first all-in-one bioactive dentin substitute, Biodentine can be used wherever dentin is damaged, for both crown and root applications. It induces remineralization of dentin, preserves pulp vitality and promotes pulpal healing. It fully replaces dentin with similar biological and mechanical properties.

Studies are available upon request. Biodentine is available through the dental supply dealer. For more information, call 1-800-872-8305 or visit our website at www.septodontusa.com

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