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July 26, 2012
by Biolux Research Ltd.

Biolux Research Ltd. is pleased to announce the appointment of Chung How Kau, BDS, MScD, MBA, PhD, MOrth, FDS, FFD (Ortho) FAMS (Ortho), Cert (Ortho) to our clinical and scientific advisory board. Dr. Kau is Chairman and Professor at the Department of Orthodontics, University of Alabama at Birmingham, USA, and is an accomplished orthodontist, researcher, educator, author, and international speaker in the orthodontics world. He has trained and worked previously at the National University in Singapore, at Cardiff University and at the University of Texas Health Science Center (see biography at http://www.dental.uab.edu/departments-and-programs/orthodontics/chung-h-kau.html)

Dr. Kau is a world leader in three-dimensional and translational research, including advanced imaging and software modeling techniques for orthodontic and skeletal treatment planning. His research interests also include the biology of orthodontic tooth movement, and evaluating advanced technologies for enhancing the biology and accelerating the rate of tooth movement, with the goals of reducing treatment timelines and improving both clinical outcome and the patient experience. He has investigated surgical and microvibration techniques of accelerating tooth movement, and is now the principal investigator on the current Biolux clinical study at UAB evaluating the effects of photobiomodulation on complete, whole mouth orthodontic cases including bilateral extraction. Dr. Kau has recently published two articles that outline his current observations from this study: Kau, Biotechnology in Orthodontics, Dentistry 2012, 2:5 and Kau, Orthodontics in the 21st Century: A View from Across the Pond, Journal of Orthodontics, Vol. 39, 2012, 75–76.

In the role of member of the Biolux Clinical and Scientific Advisory Board, Dr. Kau is to consult on all aspects of the biology of tooth movement, guide and review our clinical trial roadmap and contribute to product development. He will also serve as a reviewer to the clinical studies conducted by Biolux.

“I am really excited to formally team up with Biolux and to continue with current and planned clinical trials at UAB and with the Biolux network of researchers throughout the world,” states Dr. Kau. “We have used the prototype OrthoPulse™ device at UAB on nearly two dozen patients, completing the initial patients with the light in approximately 14 months – these extraction patients would typically take 24 to 30 months from beginning of alignment through to the removal of appliances, so the initial results are very encouraging. I believe that the use of biotechnology such as photobiomodulation to enhance the biology of tooth movement can be a game changer.

“We are delighted to have Dr. Kau join us in evaluating our innovative technology and expanding awareness of photobiomodulation in the orthodontic world,” confirms Dr. Peter Brawn, founder of Biolux and inventor of the Light Accelerated Orthodontics technology. “We are very pleased with the quality of his research, and see Dr. Kau as a leader in our clinical research network as we develop and commercialize products for orthodontics and related markets in dentistry. We remain committed to proving out our clinical goal of reducing orthodontic treatment timelines by 2/3’s with quality researchers and solid evidence.”

About Biolux Research Biolux Research Ltd. is a world leader in the development of innovative Light Accelerated Regeneration technology and products for use in orthodontics, implantology, and other dentistry markets. Biolux focuses on product development and clinical research, and its proprietary, patent-pending technologies have been developed to enhance clinical outcomes and dramatically reduce treatment timelines in dentistry in a safe, effective and non-invasive approach. www.bioluxresearch.com

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