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BIOMET 3i Announces New Strategic Portfolio Products as it Unveils its Solutions Strategy

April 21, 2014
by Oral Health Group

Biomet3iPalm Beach Gardens, FL (February 2014) – BIOMET 3i is pleased to announce that it has secured rights to distribute new strategic portfolio products in order to deliver new multiple technology system solutions designed to help clinicians achieve optimal patient care.

• BIOMET3i has signed an agreement to distribute the ZEST LOCATOR® Overdenture Implant (LODI) System, which provides a less-invasive alternative for patients who have limited bone volume, but still desire dental implant retained partial or full arch prostheses.

• The company has also secured an agreement with Dr. Stephen Chu, Dr. Mark Hochman and Adam Mieleszko to market and distribute a patented and innovative product designed for aesthetics that is in the main stream of its development.

• Finally, BIOMET3i has agreed to distribute NeoBiotech’s Implant Removal Kit, which is designed specifically for dental implant placers who encounter peri-implant complication cases requiring removal of an implant from an infected site. The removal kit will allow users to atraumatically remove implants from multiple implant systems so that the clinician can consider retreatment with an implant designed to mitigate peri-implantitis (for example, the 3i T3® Implant).

BIOMET3i President, Bart Doedens, explains that these new portfolio products, together with a series of planned new technology introductions, will allow the company to focus on commercializing the following strategic system solutions: Sustainable Aesthetics, Full Arch Rehabilitation and Peri-Implant Health Management.

“We are taking the right steps to align ourselves with the treatment solutions our customers need and want for their patients,” says Doedens. “It is no longer just about the ‘products’ you sell. Our doctors want solutions so that they can better treat their patients who continue to expect faster, longer lasting, and aesthetically optimal treatment. We are focused on the entire solution and not just the bits and pieces. There’s more to implant dentistry than that.”

About BIOMET3i BIOMET3i is a leading manufacturer of dental implants, abutments and related products. Since its inception in 1987, BIOMET 3i has been on the forefront in developing, manufacturing and distributing oral reconstructive products, including dental implant components and bone and tissue regenerative materials. The company also provides educational programs and seminars for dental professionals around the world. BIOMET 3i is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific. For more information about BIOMET 3i, please visit www.biomet3i.com or contact the company at (800) 342-5454; outside the U.S. dial (561) 776-6700.

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