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BIOMET 3i Launches Its New 3i T3 Implant

March 17, 2014
by Oral Health Group

BIOMET 3i, one of the world’s leading dental implant manufacturers, announced today that it is launching its new 3i T3 Implant.

The 3i T3 Implant is a contemporary hybrid implant with a new multi-surface topography designed to deliver aesthetic results through tissue preservation:

Coarse Micron Topography: A resorbable media blasting process using calcium phosphate particles provides 10 micron features, which facilitate blood clot retention along the threaded body of the implant1,2.

Fine Micron Topography: A dual acid-etching process provides a 1-3 micron peak-to-peak surface (OSSEOTITE®) that supports platelet activation3,4. This surface overlays the coarse micron topography and is designed to mitigate the risk of peri-implantitis at the coronal aspect of the implant5.

Sub-Micron Topography: The option exists for a more complex topography with the discrete crystalline deposition of calcium phosphate nanoparticles. This surface treatment has demonstrated increased integration throughout the early healing process, helping to facilitate Bone Bonding®*6.

Integrated Platform Switching: BIOMET 3i Implants with integrated platform switching (3i T3 and PREVAIL® Implants) have smaller restorative platforms relative to the total implant platform. This medializes the Implant-Abutment junction inward, helping to maintain bone levels. Studies show that BIOMET 3i Implants with integrated platform switching demonstrated crestal bone loss as low as 0.37mm7.

Certain® Internal Connection and the Gold-Tite® Screw: The Certain Internal Connection in conjunction with the Gold-Tite Screw is designed to reduce microleakage through its exacting interface tolerances and maximized clamping forces8. The Gold-Tite Screw design increases the clamping force by 113% versus non-coated screws, maximizing abutment stability. The Gold-Tite Surface lubricates and compresses to provide a tighter fit between implant components9.

For more information, please contact your local BIOMET 3i Sales Representative.

About BIOMET 3i
BIOMET 3i LLC is a leading manufacturer of dental implants, abutments and related products. Since its inception in 1987, BIOMET 3i has been on the forefront in developing, manufacturing and distributing oral reconstructive products, including dental implant components and bone and tissue regenerative materials. The company also provides educational programs and seminars for dental professionals around the world. BIOMET 3i is based in Palm Beach Gardens, Florida, with operations throughout North America, Latin America, Europe and Asia-Pacific.

For more information about BIOMET 3i,please visit www.biomet3i.com or contact the company at its European Headquarters in Barcelona, Spain at +34-93-4705500.

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† Aforementioned have financial relationships with BIOMET 3i LLC resulting from speaking engagements, consulting engagements and other retained services.

†† Joell Cruz, Prabhu Gubbi, Ph.D., Zach Suttin and Ross Towse conducted this research while employed by BIOMET 3i.

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