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Canadian Manufacturer Zolar Technology releases diode laser

January 11, 2013
by Oral Health Group

Zolar Technology and Manufacturing, has released two soft tissue diode lasers for Dentistry. The Photon Plus laser operates at 10 watts of power which can be used for many medical as well as dental procedures.

This Canadian made laser is the work of over 20 years experience in the Canadian dental profession. Providing an answer to dentist clinical problems obtained from in-depth research, while maintaining a high quality standard at an affordable price.

The Photon laser operates at a reduced power of 3 watts which can perform 98% of the recommended dental procedures. I have used the Photon Plus and highly recommend it. My previous diode laser did not have disposable tips. This feature allowed me to bend the tip and have easier access to difficult areas in the mouth. (See my video working on the mesial of an upper second molar on YouTube, http://youtu.be/ckn92I6mPjU).

The footprint of the laser is smaller than other diode lasers that I have seen. The unit is compact (4″x 6″x 7″) and operate withBatteryas well as with Direct AC (while the battery is on charge) which the dentist can move from operatory to operatory so the unit is available to be used at any time. Other dental equipment is difficult to move and the dentist has to either buy more than one or only do dental procedures that need the diode laser in one operatory. If one operatory is dedicated to the diode laser, this can back up work flow. The dentist will have to wait for sterilization of the operatory in order to use the diode laser on a number of consecutive patients.

The Photon and the Photon Plus have 21 and 22 preset settings respectively for the different common uses of the laser. Each setting has the suggested setting of power automatically set when the dentist chooses what he would like to do. An example would be when removing gum tissue for an impression for a crown the setting would come up automatically to 2 watts. IF THE DENTIST WANTS TO CHANGE THE POWER, he can easily do so to have more or less power as he desires.

There is an extensive tutorial in the software which Navigate any first time user to enjoy the benefits of laser dentistry that can be accessed on the laser screen to help with any procedure that the doctor needs help with. This helps with using the laser for as many procedures as possible, rather than the initial few the dentist is comfortable with. The laser can be used for endodontic, periodontal procedures, soft tissue surgeries and teeth whitening.

The cost $ of the unit is surprising low compared to the other diode lasers on the market. The unit is sturdy and well made. They have a three year warranty and a post warranty consulting and support services contract. I would recommend any dentist interested in a diode laser to look at this unit and I am sure they would be glad they did.

Craig S. Kohler D.D.S., M.B.A., M.A.G.D.

For more information see our our site: www.zolartek.com.

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