CEREC in Practices: Welcome to a World of Unlimited Possibilities

CEREC is a success story that spans more than 30 years, with patients particularly rating the option of chairside treatments. In the USA, for example, a survey of dental patients has shown that they recommend their CEREC dentist 34 percent more often than do patients whose dentist does not work with CEREC. As advantages of this treatment method, they stated time savings, the need for just one anesthetic and the fact that a temporary restoration is no longer required. In Germany, according to a recent survey, the majority of patients are willing to pay more for treatment in a single visit, and two thirds of respondents would be willing to travel further in exchange for that benefit.

“CEREC is the tool today that’s meeting patient’s emerging expectations. Technology is everywhere in our lives and we have grown accustomed to it delivering greater convenience, more efficiency, etc. When patients come to a dental practice, they expect to see the same thing. CEREC delivers this modern expectation: less appointments and injections, no clumsy analog impression material or temporaries”, explained Roddy MacLeod, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona.

Intuitive software for maximum flexibility
The new CEREC SW 4.5 that will be on show at the IDS 2017 is key to achieving this goal. During the development process, great importance was attached to simplifying and accelerating processes as well as enhancing the quality of the production results. The software handles a number of aspects automatically. For example, it detects which type of restoration is indicated, calculates insertion, analyses the tooth color and offers even better initial proposals thanks to an enhanced biojaw-algorithm. Furthermore, the scan includes more details for more realistic model and restoration visualization. “The major strength of this software lies in its intelligence and intuitive operation,” explained Roddy MacLeod. “It is the ideal safe step into single visit dentistry and chairside CAD/CAM.”

CEREC for implantology: CEREC Zirconia Meso Blocks
The new CEREC Zirconia Meso Block is an innovation for CEREC users who also perform prosthetic restorations. This allows customized direct screw-retained crowns to be produced in the practice. This solution combines outstanding material properties with a proven clinical workflow: The translucent zirconium oxide boasts exceptional strength and biocompatibility, whilst the screw-retained solution offers the advantage that the TiBase and abutment crowns can be cemented extraorally. This rules out the risk of cement residue and the peri-implantitis which frequently results. Zirconium oxide is well tolerated by the oral mucosa, the gingiva adapts very quickly to the crown. CEREC Zirconia Meso in this form is unique on the market.

Rapid sintering in the CEREC SpeedFire
The restorations milled from CEREC Zirconia and abutment crowns made from CEREC Zirconia Meso can be sintered both quickly and easily in the new CEREC SpeedFire. The process takes around 24 minutes and it is this impressive speed which singles the furnace out. Long drying times are a thing of the past thanks to the pre-dying of the zirconium and the dry milling process. Even the desired glaze can be sintered without problems in the CEREC SpeedFire.

CEREC: Open for the future
The CEREC SpeedFire has come to stand for the continuous development of CEREC technology. Today it offers more options than ever before, and it has also now been enhanced to allow the export of scanned data in STL format. This means, on the one hand, that the data for the digital impression can be used for other applications, such as oral and maxillofacial surgery as well as large-span work to be produced in the dental laboratory. On the other hand, it opens up new possibilities for dentists who are gradually digitalizing their practices. They can use the scans with the CEREC Omnicam to establish their own digital solution in the practice or in cooperation with their dental laboratory.

Simplified integration: Dentsply Sirona Hub
Practices of the future will be networked in such a way so as to ensure maximum effectiveness and efficiency. This also includes access from the various devices in the practice to all relevant data. The new Dentsply Sirona Hub features the necessary “plug & play” interfaces for such communication. All clinical data and the backup of the CAD/CAM data can thus be saved and archived centrally and called up at any time as needed. Furthermore, the Hub will help to make networking within the practice even easier in the future.

*Exevia survey of 3743 patients from six countries, November 2015

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