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CEREC Zirconia Meso Block: Safest Way to Get Directly Screw-Retained Crowns

March 31, 2017
by Dentsply Sirona

Long-term stability and patient satisfaction – these are the main benchmarks for measuring treatment success. In the case of restorations, this success is primarily determined by the material selected. Zirconia has proven itself over the past few years for the prosthetic treatment of implants – crowns and bridges made of this material can be produced safely and very quickly right in the practice with the new CEREC Zirconia workflow.

The CEREC Zirconia Meso Block is a new product that combines the outstanding properties of zirconia with an efficient clinical protocol: The translucent zirconia boasts exceptional strength and biocompatibility, while the screw-retained solution offers the advantage of not having to use cement between the abutment and the crown, which could irritate the gingiva. The CEREC Zirconia Meso Block in this form is unique on the market.

“CEREC chairside implantology facilitates many innovative workflows that reduce treatment sessions and overall treatment times,” explains Roddy MacLeod, Group Vice President CAD/CAM at Dentsply Sirona. “Our new CEREC Zirconia Meso blocks perfectly fit on our TiBase solution so that now a full contour zirconia crown can be placed in the same appointment as the implant, reducing treatment sessions and improving the patient experience.”

Benefits in esthetics, function and handling
The CEREC Zirconia Meso Block is made of the same translucent, pre-shaded zirconia used in CEREC Zirconia. The directly screw-retained crown can be dry milled and subsequently sintered in the CEREC SpeedFire in around 24 minutes.

Together with the corresponding TiBases, customized abutment crowns can be produced which offer a number of advantages: The metal abutment base prevents abrasion on the inner geometry caused by micro-movements. The two-piece structures provide stability, even in the posterior tooth region, and are very easy to use. The TiBase and crown can be assembled extraorally. This avoids any problems that may arise due to unclean adhesive surfaces. The abutment crown (TiBase plus crown) can be simply screwed on to the implant. The good tolerability of zirconia in the oral mucosa is a clinical advantage. The gingiva adapts very quickly to the crown. Last but not least, the color of zirconia guarantees impressive esthetics.

The CEREC Zirconia Meso Block is available in the colors BL2, A1, A2, A3 and A3.5. The BL2 Block can also be shaded using the inCoris TZI coloring liquids.

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