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Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals Introduces New Colgate* Prevident* Booster Plus

September 26, 2013

Toronto,Ontario – October 1st, 2013 – Colgate Oral Pharmaceuticals, a division of the Colgate-Palmolive Company, has introduced Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus, the latest addition to the PreviDent* home fluorides portfolio.

Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus is intended for high-risk caries patients, since dental caries remains the most common chronic disease globally. Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus contains 1.1% sodium fluoride (5,000 ppm), FluoriGuard™/c technology and tricalcium phosphate.

The new formula with FluoriGuard™/c technology has been shown to provide unsurpassed remineralization after 10 and 20 days in an in vitro pH cycling study when compared with MI Paste Plus™ and with 3M ClinPro™ 5000 toothpaste.

FluoriGuard™/c technology is an optimized fluoride delivery system that produces a temporary shift in pH, condition that favors remineralization and fluoride uptake in the oral cavity. Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus delivers 86% greater in vitro enamel fluoride uptake in oral cavity. Colgate* PreviDent* Booster* formula.

Similar to other products within the Colgate* PreviDent* 5000 portfolio, Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus is a unique liquid gel formula that enables faster fluoride dispersion vs. paste-form high-fluoride toothpastes.

“The PreviDent Booster Plus liquid gel formula offers high caries-risk patients a real advantage” said Dr. Brian N. Feldman, DDS BA, Director of Professional & Academic Affairs for Colgate-Palmolive Canada Inc. “Faster fluoride dispersion, unsurpassed remineralization and enhanced in vitro fluoride uptake mean PreviDent Booster Plus is a great asset to help patients have a healthy smile.”

Colgate* PreviDent* 5000 home fluoride liquid gel formulas are also available in other variants such as Colgate* PreviDent* Sensitive to help treat symptoms of specific oral care conditions.

Colgate* PreviDent* Booster Plus is now available in 100 mL (3.4 fl.oz) bottles in spearmint. For more information on this new product, visit: www.colgateprofessional.ca.

Data references available from company upon request.

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