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Coltne/Whaledent, Inc. introduces COMPONEER the FIRST Direct Composite Veneer System

October 18, 2011
by Oral Health

For innovative and outstandingly easy restoration of anterior teeth

With COMPONEERTM, Coltène presents a new and easy-to-use system for restoring anterior teeth. COMPONEER is a system of polymerized, prefabricated nano-hybrid-composite enamel shells that combine the advantages of direct composite restoration with the advantages of prefabricated veneers. In present practice, the treating dentist can chose between a directly modelled composite restoration or elaborate indirect veneer technology. The Direct Composite Veneer System adds a new and interesting dimension to existing treatment options and gives dentists and patients new economic perspectives. Patients can be given a naturally aesthetic smile in just a single session and come away smiling – with a “smile to go”.

• Easy-to-use and efficient due to the well-thought-out system

• Unlike traditional porcelain veneers, composite veneers are repairable and are easily maintained.

• Extremely thin veneers require little tooth removal preparation, making the procedure minimally invasive to natural tooth structure. Novel micro-retentive inner surface increases wettability and ensures a lasting bond.

• Easy to customize with composite and shade system made from the same resin system.

• Wide range of uses in aesthetic and clinical applications

Coltène offers a complete and well-thought-out system. In addition to composite veneers, the system includes a specially matched composite (SYNERGY D6), a highly efficient Total Etch Bond (One Coat Bond), novel special instruments, and comprehensive information material for dentists and patients. COMPONEER offers attractive restorations effectively and economically.

Further information at www.componeer.info

About Coltène/Whaledent Inc. Coltène/Whaledent Inc. is the North American division of Coltène Holding AG, a global dental manufacturer traded on the Swiss Stock Exchange, that provides best-in-class products to assist dental professionals in improving their practice, procedures and treatment outcome of patient care worldwide. Coltène/Whaledent Inc. is committed to helping the global dental community augment oral health standards around the world by providing intelligently designed products with success in mind, encompassing dental laboratory fabrication, restoratives, prosthetics, endodontics, hygiene/treatment accessories and rotary instruments.

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