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Crosstex International Takes Its Dental Expertise Into The Animal Health Market

August 19, 2013
by Crosstex

For 60 years dental professionals have counted on Crosstex® as a leading global provider of infection control and preventive products. Today, Crosstex is proud to introduce a new line of professional and home care dental products into the Animal Health market.

A commonly neglected part of a pet’s health care is oral hygiene. Poor oral hygiene can cause periodontal disease which can lead to severe health concerns from tooth loss to life-threatening organ failure. Dr. Daniel T. Carmichael, the only board-certified veterinary dentist on Long Island, NY explains, “Proper dental hygiene is extremely important, and unfortunately home care is commonly implemented improperly. Crosstex – a company who prides itself on protecting humans from the spread of infection is now also working to protect pets.”

The professional product line for the clinical setting includes: Oscillating Twist® prophy angles, xylitol-free prophy pastes, illuminating finger lights, and an oral protection gel. For proper dental home care Crosstex offers a tooth gel/toothbrush and an antiseptic spray. The products may sound similar to those who are familiar with them in the human dental market, however, the formulations are specially designed to ensure animal safety. For example: Crosstex Prophy paste is xylitol-free. Xylitol is a sugar alcohol approved for use in many common products, including sugar-free baked goods, candy, oral hygiene products, and chewing gum; however the FDA has cautioned about the risks of xylitol consumption in dogs and other animals, reporting cases of illness, seizures and liver failure.

Crosstex products are easy to use and deliver the important protection that pets need in order to help prevent periodontal disease and improve oral hygiene. And experience from six decades of product innovation and USA manufacturing within the dental market allows Crosstex to quickly establish its presence in the Animal Health market.

For information on the full line of Crosstex infection control and preventive products for the animal health market, please contact Crosstex at 1-631-582-6777 or visit: www.crosstex.com/vet.

About Crosstex International, Inc.
Crosstex, founded in 1953, has its headquarters and major manufacturing operations in Hauppauge, New York. Sold throughout the world, Crosstex branded and private label products include sterilization packaging and assurance products and services, face masks, patient towels and bibs, disinfectants, germicidal wipes, hand care products, gloves, and protective eye wear.

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