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Crosstex Launches RAPICIDE OPA/28 High-Level Disinfectant

May 31, 2013
by Crosstex

Crosstex International, a leading global provider of infection prevention and control products, has introduced RAPICIDE OPA/28, an ortho-phthalaldehyde (OPA) based high level disinfectant for the reprocessing of heat-sensitive semi-critical devices.

RAPICIDE OPA/28 is an FDA, 510K cleared product that has a reuse period of 28 days, twice the reuse life of all other OPA based high level disinfectants available on the market with the fastest disinfection time – 10 minutes at room temperature.

Unlike Glutaraldehydes, that are recognized causes of occupational asthma and skin irritations, RAPICIDE OPA/28 has only .55% of the active ingredient so it causes less irritation to the eyes, nose and throat.** Shannon Brinker Pace, CDA, CDD of Contemporary Product Solutions states “I’ve had extensive experience utilizing both OPA and glutaraldehyde for the high-level disinfection of many heat-sensitive semi-critrical accessories that were unsuitable for heat sterilization. In my opinion OPA has proven itself to be just as effective as a high-level disinfectant as glutaraldehyde, but with far less odor and irritation to eyes and nasal passages.”

“The introduction of RAPICIDE OPA/28 high-level disinfectant clearly demonstrates Crosstex’ ability to develop unique, innovative solutions for both the dental and broader healthcare fields, further solidifying our position as a global leader in the infection prevention and safety market” said Crosstex Senior Vice President Andrew Whitehead.
For further information and/or technical questions please contact Crosstex International Customer Care at 1-888-CROSSTEX or visit us at Crosstex.com.

**EPA-Reducing Ethylene Oxide and Glutaraledehydes Use – www.epa.gov

About Crosstex International, Inc.
A division of Cantel Medical Corp., Crosstex manufactures a wide array of infection prevention and control products for the healthcare industry. Founded in 1953 and headquartered inHauppauge,New York, Crosstex sells products including face masks, which are 100% manufactured in its FDA-registeredNew York facility. Sold in more than 100 countries, Crosstex products include sterilization pouches and accessories, patient towels and bibs, surface disinfectants and deodorizers, germicidal wipes, hand sanitizers, gloves, sponges, cotton products, saliva ejectors and evacuator tips.

To contact Crosstex please visit crosstex.com or call 888.276.7783


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