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CS 3600 Intraoral Scanner Certified for Use with Dental Wings’ Software Solutions

August 27, 2018
by Carestream Dental

Carestream Dental is pleased to announce that the CS 3600 intraoral scanner has been certified by Dental Wings for use with its Dental Wings Open System (DWOS), DWOS Chairside CAD Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software.

“This official certification of the CS 3600 for use with Dental Wings DWOS, DWOS Chairside Design Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software makes Carestream Dental one of the premiere partners of choice for premium digital impressions” said Marianne Belcari, global product line manager for CS Solutions, Carestream Dental, said. “The fully open system capabilities of these softwares are a complement to our open-architecture CS 3600 intraoral scanner, which allows doctors to use the CAD/CAM design software of their choice.”

As an open-architecture system, the CS 3600 can be customized based on its users’ preferred workflows. Scans obtained by the CS 3600 can be exported as .STL files and imported into the DWOS or DWOS Chairside Design Software, providing CS 3600 users and dental laboratories with new options for their digital design workflow, including crown and bridge, implant and denture planning, as well as guided surgery planning, splint design and orthodontic archiving.

The high-speed, continuous scanning capabilities of the CS 3600 allow users to acquire scans quickly and easily while capturing impressions in a smooth, uninterrupted manner. The scanner’s intelligent scanning algorithms make it easy to go back and fill in any missing information in the data set. Three dedicated workflows—restorative, implant-borne restorative and orthodontic—minimize the amount of time scanning and help keep users on task Plus, full HD 3D color digital impressions provide more vivid color and texture for better communication with labs, patients and referrals.

For more information on Dental Wings and its DWOS, DWOS Chairside Design Software and coDiagnostiX Implant Planning Software, please visit www.dentalwings.com. For more information on Carestream Dental’s innovative solutions or to request a product demonstration, call 800.944.6365 or visit carestreamdental.com.

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