Dental Wings Introduces the VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings

Dental Wings is pleased to announce the introduction of the new VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings.

The new VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings is a digital shade measurement device for determining the shade of natural dentition, whitened teeth and ceramic restorations precisely, quickly and independently of the ambient environment.

With the VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings, you can standardize your tooth shade determination and communication processes. The spectrophotometer supports dentists and dental technicians with everything from determining and communicating tooth shade to reproducing and checking the shade of the finished ceramic dental restoration, thereby improving process reliability.

The VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings offers dental practices and laboratories efficient and reliable support with:

  • determining the tooth shade of your patients for optimum selection of CAD/CAM materials, fabricating layered crowns, prosthetic teeth, materials for direct fillings, and planning aesthetic corrections using veneers;
  • professional planning and documentation of whitening treatments through digital documentation;
  • manufacturing of layered ceramic restoration thanks to tooth area shade determination;
  • quality testing of layered ceramic restorations with regard to a target tooth shade;
  • verifying your fabricated restorations as early as after the initial firing;
  • a professional communication tool such as VITA Assist PC software for efficient communication between practice and laboratory.

With the VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings, you get greater and faster performance, greater precision, more applications, and more software.

The Complete Dental Wings In-Office Solution
The VITA Easyshade® V Scanner for Dental Wings is the logical complement to the Dental Wings full range of Chairside Solutions such as the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner, Dental Wings iSeries Impression Scanner, Dental Wings Lasermill™, Dental Wings coDiagnostiX™, and the new Dental Wings 3D Printer.

About Dental Wings
Dental Wings is a leading provider of digital dentistry technologies. Its solutions, distributed in over 50 countries around the world, involve dental scanning, implant planning, prosthesis design, manufacturing integration and communication systems to connect dental professionals. Dental Wings is headquartered in Montreal, Canada and has grown to over 150 employees. Dental Wings has international offices in Berlin and Chemnitz, Germany, in Lyon, France, and in Shenzhen, China.