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DentalVibe Latest White Paper Explains How to Overcome the Challenges of Special Needs Dentistry

August 9, 2012
by DentalVibe

BING Innovations, makers of the revolutionary DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, are proud to announce the release of their new white paper, Special Needs Dentistry: What Every Dentist Should Know About Effectively and Profitably Treating Patients with Special Needs. Available for free to dental health care professionals, this comprehensive white paper thoroughly assesses the current state of special needs dentistry, highlighting the need for more dentists to cater parts of their practice to these patients. Dentists will learn how to capitalize on new advances in modern dentistry to expand their client base and help the severely underserved special needs population.

The white paper argues that special needs dentistry may be undervalued as both an ethical obligation and a business platform. Dentists know all too well the challenges of treating special needs patients. Those difficulties notwithstanding, these patients are in more dire and immediate need of attentive dental care than perhaps any other patient group. Unfortunately, there aren’t nearly enough special needs dentists in the country to accommodate the current demand. DentalVibe’s new white paper explains how any dentist can offer special needs services and make their practice available to this under-treated patient base. The white paper uncovers brand-new methods for overcoming the various challenges facing dentists who treat patients with special needs and serves as a robust marketing and educational resource for dentists all around the world.

The DentalVibe is one of the many new developments that are making special needs dentistry easier and more effective than ever before. This enlightening white paper explores those changes and walks dentists through the new face of special needs practice. By identifying solutions for each of the biggest challenges facing patients with disabilities and the dentists who treat them, this white paper makes the case that special needs dentistry can expand any dentist’s patient base without contributing to heightened professional frustration.

Special needs patients deserve the very best in care, and DentalVibe’s new white paper equips dentists with the information they need to provide it. This invaluable document offers a number of essential features for dentists, including:

  • “How to Help Them” Guide: DentalVibe’s new white paper walks dentists through each of the leading treatment methods and modalities now available for special needs patient care.
  • Special Needs Statistics: Dentists will learn exactly what the special needs patient situation looks like in the United States today. The numbers paint a compelling picture about the need for dental care within this population and the practice-growth opportunities available to dentists.
  • Professional Support Organizations: There are several organizations that provide support specifically for special needs dentists. DentalVibe’s white paper profiles each of the leading groups.
  • Marketing Advice: Special needs patients will be attracted to dentists who cater to their specific concerns. The white paper equips dentists to meet those demands and effectively market their services to those who need them the most.
  • How to Use Sedation Dentistry and DentalVibe: Learn how sedation dentistry and the DentalVibe combine to make a powerful impact on the practicability and success of special needs dental treatment.

The new white paper, ‘Special Needs Dentistry: What Every Dentist Should Know About Effectively and Profitably Treating Patients with Special Needs,’ is now available from BING Innovations, LLC and can be downloaded free of charge (PDF format). BING is the exclusive provider of the DentalVibe Injection Comfort System, a brand-new, patented, and FDA-approved device that is redefining the dental experience. DentalVibe makes pain-free injections possible for every patient, including children and adults, as well as those with special needs.

DentalVibe is dedicated to marketing the dentists who use their products. Practitioners can visit DentalVibe’s brand-new Marketing Support Center to learn all about how DentalVibe is expanding its efforts at marketing dentists and educating consumers. Producing free and informative publications like the ‘Special Needs Dentistry’ white paper is only one of DentalVibe’s many avid efforts toward marketing dental practices. The DentalVibe Dentist Locator also maximizes exposure for dentists by allowing patients to find a dentist in their area and access an exclusive, dedicated page for each practice.

About BING Innovations, LLC BING Innovations, LLC, established in 2008, is the exclusive provider of the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, a revolutionary, patented, and award-winning dental device that uses VibraPulse® technology to eliminate the pain of dental injections. DentalVibe, invented by Dr. Steven Goldberg, D.D.S in Boca Raton, FL, is FDA-approved and registered and is proudly assembled in the USA. BING exists to improve patient comfort by developing cutting-edge products for health professionals. To learn more, please call 877-503-VIBE (8423) or visit http://www.DentalVibe.com.

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