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DentalVibe Reveals Dental Fear May Diminish in Face of New Methods

August 30, 2012
by DentalVibe

BING Innovations, the exclusive provider of theDentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, the brand-new revolutionary device that is redefining the dental experience, has just released their latest white paper, “Dental Fear: Why It Costs You & How to Beat It.” Patient fear is the single greatest threat facing dental practices today and now available for free to health care providers, this new white paper walks dentists through the psychology behind patient fear to provide a profound understanding of where dental fear stems from. Dentists will learn how to apply new methods for treating patients in order to overcome their fear and receive advice on how to market a dental practice in the face of those stigmas.

Odontophobia (or dental fear) is responsible for widespread neglect in oral health care. New studies show that half of all Americans completely avoid the dentist’s office due to anxiety and fear. In particular, patients cite fear of dental pain as the most significant source of their phobia. DentalVibe’s latest white paper argues that the pervasive anxiety doesn’t need to continue in light of new technologies, and the solution may be found in a dentist’s approach to their phobic patients.

The DentalVibe is one of the many new devices that helps create painless dentistry and reverse dental fear. This latest white paper explores those developments and teaches dentists how to capitalize on new methods to expand their patient base and improve the general state of oral health in their communities. By arming dentists with an encouraging message to communicate to patients, DentalVibe believes its white paper can help dentist’s fight dental phobias.

The informative new document offers a number of thorough features for dentists, including:

  • The Psychology of Fear: Because dentists are health care professionals, they treat their patients as whole people. The white paper is designed to give dentists a comprehensive understanding of the patient’s experience of fear, from a clinical perspective.
  • Dental Fear Case Study: Dental fear has a negative impact on both the dentist’s business and the patient’s overall health. DentalVibe’s new white paper discusses dental neglect and its direct relation to costly and potentially, deadly, consequences.
  • Patient Triggers for Dental Fear: Dentists will discover the specific aggravators that patients cite as triggers for dental anxiety. Armed with knowledge about their sensitivities, dentists will be better equipped to making patients feel more comfortable.
  • First-Shot Analysis: The very first dental injection may be the root cause of fear and typically induces additional fear of other dental procedures. The white paper looks at why that is and how dentists can deal specifically with the pain and intimidation of the initial injection.
  • Pediatric Fear Guide: This white paper also includes additional ideas for making the operatory (that is, the dentist’s work station) more soothing and conducive for children who are preoccupied by uncertainty and fear.

The new white paper, “Dental Fear: Why It Costs You & How to Beat It,” can be downloaded free of charge. (PDF format).

BING Innovations, exclusive provider of the DentalVibe, is dedicated to marketing the dentists who use their products. Practitioners can visit DentalVibe’s brand-new dental locator to learn all about how DentalVibe is expanding its efforts at marketing dentists and educating consumers. The DentalVibe Dentist Locator also maximizes exposure for dentists by allowing patients to find a dentist in their area and access an exclusive, dedicated page for each practice.

About BING Innovations, LLC BING Innovations, LLC, established in 2008, is the exclusive provider of the DentalVibe® Injection Comfort System, a revolutionary, patented, and award-winning dental device that uses VibraPulse® technology to eliminate the pain of dental injections. DentalVibe, invented by Steven Goldberg, D.D.S in Boca Raton, FL, is FDA-approved and registered and is proudly assembled in the USA. BING exists to improve patient comfort by developing cutting-edge products for health professionals. To learn more, please call 877-503-VIBE (8423) or visithttp://www.DentalVibe.com.

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