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DENTSPLY Implants expands digital solutions with intraoral scanning for ATLANTISabutments

February 24, 2014
by Dentsply Canada Limited

DENTSPLY Implants expands further into the area of digital dentistry with intraoral scanning services for ATLANTIS abutments, the latest business development that will provide dental clinics and dental laboratories with an improved digital workflow.

This new development was made possible through an agreement with Align Technology, Inc., paving the way for an interface where ATLANTIS patient-specific abutments can be ordered based upon scans from the iTero intraoral scanner. Intraoral scanning for ATLANTIS abutments will allow the dental laboratory to provide a complete patient-specific restorative solution to the clinician, based on a digital impression. The added value includes cost-savings, more precise impressions, increased patient well-being and expedited treatment processes. The launch is planned for the second half of 2014.

“Moving forward in this expanding area of digital dentistry, dental scanning is a strategic business opportunity. This will further strengthen DENTSPLY Implants and our ATLANTIS offer in the areas of implant dentistry and digital open solutions, respectively. More importantly, we are creating added value for our customers and their patients,” says Mikael Sander, Group Vice President ATLANTIS Digital Implant Solutions, DENTSPLY Implants.

Align Technology Inc. is based in in San Jose, California with offices worldwide. The iTero Intraoral Scanner, available in over 30 countries, is an open architecture system which allows for compatibility with multiple laboratory-based CAD/CAM milling systems and more than 1,200 dental labs.

About DENTSPLY Implants
DENTSPLY Implants offers comprehensive solutions for all phases of implant therapy, including NKYLOS®, ASTRA TECH Implant System™ and XiVE® implant lines, digital technologies, such as ATLANTIS™ patient-specific CAD/CAM solutions and SIMPLANT® guided surgery, regenerative solutions, and professional development programs. DENTSPLY Implants creates value for dental professionals and allows for predictable and lasting implant treatment outcomes, resulting in enhanced quality of life for patients.

About DENTSPLY International
DENTSPLY International Inc. is a leading manufacturer and distributor of dental and other healthcare products. For over 110 years, DENTSPLY’s commitment to innovation and professional collaboration has enhanced its portfolio of branded consumables and small equipment. Headquartered in the United States, the Company has global operations with sales in more than 120 countries.

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