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DENTSPLY innovates with new Cavitron Touch™ ultrasonic scaling system, featuring the Steri-Mate® 360° fully rotating handpiece.

January 7, 2016
by Oral Health

DENTSply Canada - revisedPresenting a reimagined solution that offers unprecedented comfort and control1 throughout every procedure: the Cavitron Touch™ ultrasonic scaling system, which combines touchscreen technology and the new fully rotating, detachable Steri-Mate® 360° handpiece.

Featuring an all-new tabletop design and capacitive-touch interactive screen, the Cavitron Touch™ ultrasonic scaling system provides clinicians with an advanced solution at their fingertips. The system introduces an intuitive sliding power level control, the ability to pre-set three power levels, and includes the rechargeable Cavitron® Tap-On® wireless foot pedal.Cavitron touch

Cavitron Touch™

Available exclusively with Cavitron Touch™, the new Steri-Mate® 360° handpiece has a fully rotating nose to allow free-flowing movement and access within the oral cavity. When combined with the Cavitron Touch ™ ultrasonic scaling system, the Steri-Mate® 360° handpiece also includes a lightweight cable for improved benefits.

For more information on the latest innovations from the Cavitron® family, call 1-800-263-1437 or visit www.cavitronworld.com.

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