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DIADENT – Presenting the FUTURE of teeth whitening technology” Diadent Group International Introduces the Dazzle Advanced Teeth Whitening System at the 2010 Chicago Midwinter Meeting

March 19, 2010
by DiaDent Group International

New Professional Photodynamic Oral Hygiene & Whitening System.

DAZZLE is a unique technology based on photodynamic platform that completely changes the approach of teeth whitening.

Phtochemically Included: DiaDent Dazzle Advanced Teeth Whitening System is a part of a unique class of in-office whitening products truly based on Photodynamic Therapy. The use of light in presence of photosensitizers promotes an absolute whitening effect within four successive cycles of treatment of 20-30 seconds per tooth.

Shine Whiter Teeth: Diandent Dazzle Advanced Teeth Whitening System relies on COLD type of photochemical reaction without use of laser ensuring there is negligible increase in tooth temperature when compared to other products in the market.

The treatment is short, resulting in shiner, whiter teeth without the chalky appearance included by dehydration.

Controlled Procedure: DiaDent Dazzle Visible Action Control allows change of an initial bright orange colour to pristine white when the built in action of photosensitizers has reached the optimum peak and the peroxide has been activated, suggesting full activation and completion of the bleaching cycle.

The result is a shiner and brighter smile within 30 minutes with no sensitivity, no pain, no discomfort.


DAZZLE Whitening Cycle is divided into five phases:

1. Application of the gingival barrier gel DAZZLE Active Shield around the edges of all the teeth that must be whitened.

2. Mixing of DAZZLE Hydorgen Peroxide with DAZZLE Photoactive Booster and application of the mixture with a special syringe to the external, visible part of every tooth which is to be treated.

3. Evaluation of the tooth color according to the VITA scale.

4. Once the teeth to be treated are covered awith gel it is time to trigger off the photochemical reaction. The exposure to light from any lamp with a power of at least 800mW/cmq activities the peroxide and makes the bleaching process possible. The change of color of the gel indicates the reactive state of the peroxide.

5. Removal of the gel and evaluation of the results: comparison with the initial color.


True and compltete photochemical mechanism activated ONLY on exposure to light.
Gentle photochemical bleaching without use of lasers
Visually shiner teeth without chalky appearance due to dehydration
Repeatable after appropriate period
Time saving for dentists and patients
No need to purchase specialized lamp equipment


Easy to perform
Very short treatment time (average 30-45 minutes); no downtime
One seat treatment provides full results
High margins to the dentists and high rate of future repeat treatment
Superior results even in patients with sensitive teeth
Creates and improves patient loyalty as painless bleaching creates happy patients clients will volunteer to repeat treatment when necessary in the future


Visually shiner teeth without chalky appearance due to dehydration
Great, immediately visible white color improvement, extra improvement within next 12 hours.
Very good stain bleaching with sustainable results in teeth color tone achievements
Long Lasting results

For a complete demonstration of the procedure, view DAZZLE video at: www.DIADENT.com or www.DAZZLEWHITENING.ca

Join the thousands of clients who already benefitted from this unique technology!

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