DWOS 8: Major Software Update For Dental Wings Prosthetic Design Suite

Dental Wings is pleased to announce the release of the latest update for its dental prosthetic design software.

Dental Wings DWOS 8 offers new and enhanced features designed to further simplify the creation of CAD/CAM restorations.

DWOS is the foundation of Dental Wings software applications and one of the most flexible and powerful CAD/CAM software platforms available in the industry for the design of dental restorations. DWOS is a fully open, seamlessly integrated ecosystem of technologies that work together to boost productivity and efficiency for dental professionals.

Introducing DWOS Easy Mode
Now available with the latest DWOS 8 software update is the highly anticipated DWOS Easy Mode feature. From scan to design to export files, the user is guided through the entire process with new simplified workflow and automated proposals for the production of full crowns, inlays, onlays, veneers, full crowns on implants, reduced crowns and custom abutments.

Texture and Color Display
High-contrast exports from the Dental Wings Intraoral Scanner offer improved margin detection and identification. OBJ & PLY files with texture info from facial and any open lab scanner can be imported.

Import of Face Scan
Imports 2D or 3D image files of the patient face during the design process for the creation of a 3D face.

Virtual Model Builder
Enhancements of the flat-bottom removable gingiva result in an optimized model print quality. Plus, a new stump type is optimized for Dental Wings 3D printers.

Other Improvements and Enhancements
•  Homepage: Displays the most recent cases for quick access.
•  RSS feed: Provides information to the user directly from the software.
•  Implant kits: Defines favorites in the order creation.
•  Scaled vs unscaled attachment: Defines if attachment can be scaled or not.

About Dental Wings
Dental Wings Inc. is a leading provider of digital dentistry technologies. Its solutions cover the full digital workflow – from treatment-planning to final restoration including dental scanning, implant planning, prosthesis design, manufacturing, and communication among dental professionals.