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Most Efficient Entry into the KaVo World of 3D X-ray: OP 3D

April 6, 2017
by KaVo Kerr

The KaVo OP 3D makes choosing your 3D X-ray system simple. Four selectable image resolutions and up to four FoV diameters for substantiated diagnosis in 3D. In addition,­­ SMARTVIEW™ 2.0 offers the possibility to adjust the height and width individually from the scout image and to position the choosen image freely. With Fast Scan it takes only 9 seconds to obtain panoramic image and ORTHOfocus™ function provides automatic recognition of the optimum image layer. And all this is easy to operate via laptop or PC in the practice.

Designed for efficiency: KaVo OP 3D
Each and every feature of the OP 3D is designed to increase practice efficiency. Preparing the unit for a scan is fast with an intuitive patient positioning system and graphical user-interface. Imaging protocols are optimised for practice workflows.

Intuitive operation, connected to the future
All functions can be easily and intuitively controlled in a timesaving way via your laptop or PC in the local area network of your practice. Only the patient positioning is set at the device. Optimized workflows are also enabled with ORTHOselect™-Function: Teeth can be selected individually or as a whole upper or lower jaw, or TMJ – the desired imaging area can be selected intuitively with ORTHOselect™.Field of View is set automatically based on the selection.

The first lead free ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™
For more than 50 years, the name of ORTHOPANTOMOGRAPH™ system stands for ultimate reliability and clinically correct maxillofacial imaging. Now, the OP 3D device is the first of the ORTHPANTOMOGRAPH™ series that replaces the lead usually used in tubeheads with an environmentally friendly alternative that provides equivalent radiation attenuation. In combination with the powersave feature to reduce overall energy consumption of this system, the OP 3D contributes to the sustainability of your practice.

Four defined FoV sizes plus the possibility to customise
The FoVs of the OP 3D are based on true clinical need. FoV 5 x 5 with its endo-resolution is optimized for single-tooth and localised diagnostics. FoV 6 x 9 offers the capability to scan either the lower or upper jaw, whereas FoV 9 x 11 combines both. With the largest FoV 9 x 14, TMJ and airway studies can be conducted.

In addition SMARTVIEW™ 2.0 enables choosing the most optimal FoV size for the indication as the height can be freely adjusted from the scout image for each of the 4 selectable diameters. Overall there are up to 36 freely positionable FoVs available – for optimised clinical possibilities.

Integrated tools for optimised image quality
QUICKcompose, available for panoramic and 3D modalities, offers a quick preview of the captured image, allowing for timely evaluation. The image appears on the user-interface automatically after scan is completed. In addition to this, the metal artefact reduction (MAR) is readily activated with all the FoV sizes of the KaVo OP 3D and is utilised to reduce the artefacts caused by the metallic structures in the X-ray volumes. So MAR helps to optimise image quality in all cases ranging from endodontics to implants, all the way to maxillofacial imaging. Next highlight of the new KaVo OP 3D: with the ORTHOfocus feature, optimum panoramic image layer is automatically obtained enabling forgiving patient positioning. The result: consistent image quality every time. A fourth function to enhance efficiency and image quality: with its fast scan procedure, the OP 3D takes standard or paediatric panoramic image in only 9 seconds, resulting in highly diagnostic images due to less movement artefacts.

Highlights at a glance:

  • Fast Scan for 2D panoramic images in just 9 seconds
  • ORTHOfocus™ for automatic recognition of the most suitable image layer in 2D panoramic images
  • 4 freely positionable FoVs: 5 x ø 5, 6 x ø 9, 9 x ø 11 and (optional) 9 x ø 14 cm
  • SMARTVIEW™ 2.0 for precise FoVs positioning and highly flexible number of FoV sizes
  • 4 image resolutions for 3D (Low Dose, Standard, High-Res, Endo)
  • QUICKcompose™ feature for fast image review automatically after scan is completed
  • Lead free device design

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