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Whip Mix’s Electric Occlusal Rim Former

April 7, 2016
by Oral Health

Whip Mix - logoWhip Mix’s Electric Occlusal Rim Former offers the technician, the dentist or the dental student the ability to create the ideal shape and size of occlusal (bite) rims made out of base plate without a flame. The small unit cleanly melts the wax with a variable temperature knob to address the melting point of any wax. In addition, the convenient paddle holder also comes complete with a cover to prevent burn injuries.

Whip Mix’s Electric Occlusal Rim
For more information on the Electric Occlusal Rim Former  visit whipmix.com or call 800-626-5651.

Founded in 1919, Whip Mix manufactures dental supplies, lab equipment and the Whip Mix®, Denar® and Hanauocclusion product lines to dental professionals worldwide. In addition, Whip Mix distributes and supports CAD/CAM technology to dental laboratories. Whip Mix sells its products through distributors in over 80 countries and holds an office and distribution center in Germany. Whip Mix maintains ISO13485:2003 and ISO9001:2008 certifications. For more information visit www.whipmix.com.

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