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Eliminates Daily & Trap & Vaccum Line Cleaning

August 22, 2012
by Sable Industries Inc.

Bio-Pure eliminates odors by the (Enzyme) breaking down and the (Bacteria) digesting organic solids and is the most advanced, patented scientific formulation of specialized bacterial strains and natural enzymes. Enzyme only products do half the job. Bio-Pure does the whole job and continues to clean after applied, enzymes just can’t do that. Liquid products say they clean but they only coat the inner walls of the lines trapping particulates. This is proven the first week Bio-Pure is used as the traps will be packed with released particulates from the vacuum lines.

No Permits or Licenses are required because Bio-Pure is not a chemical. The bacteria only attack dead organic matter. Therefore, it does not fall under FIFRA review and does not require a permit or license.   There is a clear need for a safe and effective means to reduce or eliminate organic waste build-up and toxic concentrations. A variety of chemicals are currently available to clear pipes. Many of these chemicals are not environmentally safe to use, thus hurting the environment. A product such as Bio-Pure, which can extend the life of an evacuation system, means lower maintenance costs. The Bio-Pure proprietary blend of all natural biocultures and enzymes have been selected for their ability to effectively digest and degrade extremely heavy concentrations of organic mass within a drainage system, reducing those hostile factors that have been determined to be detrimental. Bio-Pure can successfully attack – degrade – liquefy fecal mass, food and other organics that contribute to a build-up of ammonia and solids, eliminate clogged pipes.. Bio-Pure conditions the environment to an ecology close to nature’s own. Bio-Pure microbes are reliable scavengers that thrive on organic mass (waste). The following pictures were taken prior to normal trap cleaning. The before pics were taken prior to cleaning using a leading Evacuation System Cleaner. The after pictures were taken prior to cleaning (not needed) using Bio-Pure Evacuation System Cleaner.

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