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EZ-Pik Available for Normal and Narrow Spaces to Help Improve Oral Hygiene

October 25, 2016
by Oral Health

ez-pik-plus-extra-narrow-new-packagingDenbur is pleased to announce two new products: EZ-Pik for Normal Spaces and EZ-Pik Plus for Extra Narrow Spaces. EZ-Pik Interdental Pick for Normal Spaces features a knife-shaped tip which is designed to access spaces between teeth. Tip can be bent to any suitable angle to remove stubborn food particles in hard to reach areas. Indented back portion is friendly to the gum line.  Ideal for pinpoint particle removal. EZ-Pik Plus Interdental Brush for Extra Narrow Spaces features a flexible, wire free design. Perfect to clean between teeth, orthodontics, implants, crowns, or bridges. Both EZ-Pik and EZ-Pik Plus are packaged in an Easy-Shake Dispenser which dispenses one at a time.  40 per pack. Manufactured by Denbur. Made in the USA.

About Denbur, Inc.
Founded in 1979, Denbur originated as a consulting firm for several European dental articulator manufacturers. The task was to work with departments of Prosthodontics with major dental schools in the United States. The purpose was to learn from dental schools to market and develop better articulators. Due to our contacts with clinicians in dental schools, we progressively learned about the profession.

In 1990 we introduced some of the most innovative products to the North American dental market. These products include Multi-Brush Original Blue, Light-Tip C Type and Fracfinder Blue.

By listening to the profession we learned how to be at the forefront of dentistry. We began to develop new and modified products the profession asked for. Multi-Brush Multi-Colors, Light-Tip E Type, Fracfinder Colors, Profiler, Magic-Brush and C-Flow are among these products. We have learned to lead the market by listening to the market.

Denbur products are evaluated by the no-fee, independent clinicians and clinical research associations. Our products are the choice of the no-fee evaluators. We constantly search for improvements in our manufacturing, packaging, and service to be cost efficient for the clinician.

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