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Garrison Dental Solutions launches New Products for 2010 at the 2010 Chicago Midwinter Dental Meeting!

March 29, 2010
by Garrison

Garrison Dental Solutions – We put ideas into practice

New for the Posterior:
Blue View Pinch Matrices
Retainerlesss blue transparent Tofflemire style matrices that are the ultimate in simple placement and tensioning. Simply slip around the tooth to be restored and pinched!

Blue View Pinch Matrices
Your fastest and easiest choice when you need a Tofflemire-style matrix.
Not every Class II can be restored with Composi-Tight, so when you need a full matrix, Garrison has you covered. Pinch Matrices are retainerless blue transparent Tofflemire-style matrices with a built-in tensioning ring. Theres no more fiddling with retainers or fancy tightening devices, simply slip around the tooth to be restored and Pinch!

Retainerlessthe easiest-to-place circumferential matrix
Transparentincreased light penetration and overall visibility
Blue tintprovides contrast between matrix and tooth structure without compromising composite polymerization
Pre-contouredanatomy-hugging shape helps produce properly contoured restorations

New for the Anterior:

Blue View Grip Strips
With their integrated positiong stop, curved form and blue coloration, Blue View Grip Strips are the most advanced anterior strips available.

Anterior restorations are considerably easier when you use Blue View Grip Strips. The addition of a wonderfully simple, yet effective positioning stop secures one end of the strip, eliminating the need for a wedge or extra hand, while its curved form helps prevent it from slipping off the tooth being restored. The improved visualization provided by the Blue View tint completes the most advanced anterior strip available

Blue View&trade Matrix Tape
Traditional polyester matrix tape with one major advantage-you can actually see it. The Blue View coloration provides much-needed contrast between the matrix and tooth structure without compromising curing.

Blue View Matrix Tape is traditional polyester matrix tape with one major advantageyou can actually see it! The Blue View tint provides much needed contrast between the matrix and tooth structure without compromising composite polymerization. Its a great, simple improvement that can make a big impact on your everyday practice.

Blue tint
provides contrast between matrix and tooth structure
does not compromise composite polymerization

6mm, 8mm and 10mm widths give you the perfect size for every restoration
Dispenser with integrated cutter holds 16 yards of tape

New for Class Vs:
Blue View Transparent Cervical Matrices
Fill, press, cure. Class Vs are hassle free when you use Blue View Transparent Cervical Matrices. Anatomical and flexible, our cervical matrices eliminate the air-inhibited layer and reduce you finishing time.

G-Force – is a New line of diamonds that cuts faster, smoother, and lasts longer than the diamonds you’re using today. The revolutionary G-Force design also delivers less clogging and a smoother-feeling cut.

The best way to understand the superior performance of the Garrison G-Force is to experience it firsthand. We invite you to try G-Force risk free. If you’re not convinced it outperforms your current diamond, we’ll gladly refund your money, no questions asked.

2009s great NEW products:

Slick Bands:
Stubborn matrix band removal is a thing of the past with Slick Bands. Our micro coating virtually eliminates bonding agent and composite adhesion to the matrix band, making post-restoration removal a breeze.Sectional matrix systems are unbeatable for predictable contacts on posterior composites, and Composi-Tight sets the standard. The new Composi-Tight 3D Sectional Matrix System with Slick Bands raises that standard to new heights.

3D combined with Slick Bands will provide your practice the ultimate in predictable, tight and anatomically accurate contacts. It is the easiest, fastest and most flexible system we’ve ever produced. And we don’t just say that, we guarantee it. Our 6-month Money Back Guarantee ensures that you will be completely satisfied with your system or you will get your money back.

Soft Wedge:
If you prefer a wooded wedge, use the once specifically designed for sectional matrix system success. Softer, more compressible Linden wood coupled with longer length and improved anatomy make it the most advanced wooden wedge available.

Soft Wedges are wooden interproximal wedges that have been optimized for use with modern restorative materials. The ability to compress during insertion then swell to help fill voids insures that your preparations stay clean and dry – an absolute must for today’s bonded restorations!

Easy to insert with your traditional instrumentation, Soft Wedge leaps past inferior sycamore and birch wedges with its strong, yet considerably more compressible material. Combined with a lower profile, extended length and improved anatomy it is the perfect wedge for use with a sectional matrix system. Exactly what you would expect from Garrison, the leader in sectional matrix systems.

For more information on these products please contact:

Garrison Dental Solutions
150 DeWitt Lane
Spring Lake, Michigan 49456 USA
Toll Free: 888.437.0032 (USA and Canada)
Tel: 616.842.2244
Fax: 616.842.2430
Customer Service: gds@garrisondental.com

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