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GC America announces the Ultimate F&P Kit will be available April 15, 2016

April 7, 2016
by GC America

Alsip, Illinois , GC America Inc. announces the launch of the Ultimate F&P Kit as a complimentary rotary instrument kit for the GC Line of composite materials (GRADIA®, KALORE™, G-aenial™). Specifically, this kit consists of three (3) diamond impregnated polishing instruments and five (5), 12-bladed carbide finishing burs.

These new, 12-bladed finishing carbides (5 in total) are the perfect combination for finishing and creating composite restorations that will closely resemble natural-looking dentition. As an added benefit, the anterior instruments feature theTrueTip Safe-End which dramatically reduce the incidence of “bur jumping” under load, provide more overall operator control and deliver better cutting efficiency due to the precise concentricity standards that they have been manufactured with these “one piece” instruments. Additionally, these carbide burs offer greater control than conventional, spiral-fluted rotary instruments and can be used to establish ideal tooth anatomy and morphology for the most discerning clinical professional. With the Ultimate F&P Kit, you can easily achieve natural primary (geometric form), secondary (developmental grooves, lobes, cingulum, triangular ridges & fossae) and tertiary (surface texture, pits & fissures) anatomy.


The OneStep Composite Polishing System (Point, Cup & Disc Shapes) features a new, flexible design for optimal control and contact when polishing all composite surfaces – which result in the dental professional being able to achieve a faster, higher surface luster in one, simple procedure/step. Additionally, these diamond-impregnated polishers are easy-to-handle, time-saving and has been designed for both wet and dry application. This new generation polishing system can be autoclaved for multiple uses, which eliminates the need for additional grit polishing rotary instruments.


Product will be available to ship on April 15, 2016.

Characteristics and benefits:

• TrueTip Safe-End Carbide burs are gentle on soft tissue.

• The OneStep, diamond-impregnated polishing instruments do not require polishing paste and can be used in both a wet or dry field.

• The Ultimate Finishing & Polishing kit provides exceptional finishing/contouring capabilities – for faster and more precise application.

• The “one piece” carbide bur design ensures longevity and performance reliability.

For more information, please visit: www.gcamerica.com.

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