Grandio® blocs: Nano-Ceramic Resin Hybrid CAD/CAM Block

VOCO proudly introduces Grandio blocs, the new 86% filled nano-ceramic resin hybrid CAD/CAM block indicated for crowns, inlays/onlays, veneers, and implant supported crowns.  With a combination of optimal tooth-like physical properties, category leading compressive strength, extremely low water absorption, and natural esthetics with enhanced color stability, Grandio blocs provide a new solution for practitioners and labs that are looking to streamline their CAD/CAM processes and deliver high quality restorations.

Due to its extreme high filler degree of 86%, Grandio blocs offer physical properties that mimic human dentition such as modulus of elasticity and thermo-cycling, Grandio blocs behave like natural tooth structure.  This enables them to be antagonistically friendly, and offer enhanced marginal integrity and overall longevity.   Complemented by their superior strength especially compared to the composite-based CAD/CAM blocks, Grandio blocs provide a unique high-quality restorative solution.

Its unique nano-ceramic resin hybrid make-up allows for excellent polishability and enables Grandio blocs to be milled more finely and achieve even greater accuracy of fit and esthetics as good as pure ceramic CAD/CAM blocks.  Additional advantages are realized by the materials ease-of-use as it eliminates the firing process, simplifies polishing and allows for intraoral repairs.  With such time and money saving benefits, Grandio blocs offers a unique value.

Processed using standard milling devices, Grandio blocs are available in multiple shades and two sizes.

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