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Heraeus Kulzer launches universal bonding agent

August 27, 2015
by Oral Health Group

Convenient bonding for all purposes with iBOND® Universal

South Bend, Indiana, Several definitions for the word ‘universal’ seem to exist on the dental market when describing a bonding agent. Yet, universal simply means‘generally applicable’, and that is how it should be. For an adhesive to be generally applicable, it should naturally be compatible with all kinds of dental materials. It should also work with different bonding techniques and cover all indications for the adhesion of direct and indirect restorations. To be truly universal, it should also be conveniently easy to use and precise in application. As a basic requirement, it must be safe and provide excellent, durable bond strength. Last but not least, as a modern bonding agent, it should meet all these demands in one bottle.

With iBOND Universal, Heraeus Kulzer introduces a new bonding agent that combines all these properties in an intelligent new formula for instant and reliable bond strength.

For the creation of iBOND Universal, scientists from Europe and Japan have cooperated in order to develop a bonding agent that combines the best of two worlds. The result: an acetone-based universal adhesive with a unique moisture control system. Acetone acts like a water chaser and supports the fast evaporation of water. During the air-drying, the water phase is separated from the monomer phase and improves the bonding efficacy. This effect leads to easier air-drying, reduced technique-sensitivity and a homogeneous bonding layer. The different components interact to allow the fast evaporation of water, effective etching, and good penetration into the dentinal tubules. This intelligent new formula of iBOND Universal contains MDP and provides instant and reliable bond strength.

iBOND Universal is also compatible with light-, self- and dual-cure materials without the need of a dual cure activator. That means reliable bond strength for all common types of restorations and materials, from resin cements and core-build-up materials to self-cure composites and compomers for the cementation of indirect restorations. Silicate ceramics are bonded with the additional iBOND Ceramic Primer. iBOND Universal can be applied for bonding of direct restorations for all cavity classes and fissure sealants, sealing of cavities and core preparations, cementation of indirect restorations, or sealing of hypersensitive tooth areas. Restoration fractures or chippings and localized caries lesions at the restoration margin can be repaired at one appointment instead of costly replacements, making the process very effective and economical. This allows the direct, easy repair of all types of dental ceramics including oxide and silicate ceramics, composites and metal restorations with one layer of iBOND Universal in combination with composites.

As one of the world’s leading dental companies, Heraeus Kulzer once again proves its profound knowledge of clinical needs and innovative products.

For additional information on Heraeus Kulzer and the company’s product range, please visit: www.heraeusdentalusa.com. To try a sample of iBond Universal, please visit: http://mydental360.com/iBondUniversal/.

About Heraeus Kulzer
Heraeus Kulzer GmbH is one of the world’s leading dental companies with its headquarters in Hanau, Germany. As a trusted partner, the company supplies dentists and dental technicians with an extensive product range, covering cosmetic dentistry, tooth preservation, prosthetics, periodontology and digital dentistry. More than 1,400 employees at 25 locations worldwide are driven by their expertise and passion for the dental market and embody what the name Heraeus Kulzer stands for: service, quality and innovation. In 2013 Heraeus Kulzer’s product turnover exceeded 400 million USD.

Heraeus Kulzer has been part of the Japanese Mitsui Chemicals Group since July 2013. Mitsui Chemicals Inc. (MCI) is based in Tokyo, and has 134 affiliates with more than 14,700 employees in 27 countries worldwide. Its innovative, practical chemical products are as much in demand in the automotive, electronics and packaging industries as they are in other fields such as environmental protection and healthcare.

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