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Hu-Friedy Introduces Resin 8 Colors New Color-Coded Scalers Also Stay Sharper Longer

December 7, 2011
by Hu-Friedy

Hu-Friedy, a global leader in the manufacturing of dental instruments, today announced the addition of Hu-Friedy’s Resin 8 Colors to their hand scaling line. Available in eight eye-catching colors, this collection of 80 colored resin scalers feature the lightweight, ergonomic handles many clinicians want, with the added benefit of staying sharper longer.

One advantage of colored resin handles is the ability to easily identify instruments in the operatory, and with Resin 8 Colors, each scaler color follows a color-coding system based on the specific areas of the mouth. In addition, Resin 8 Colors also feature Hu-Friedy’s proprietary EverEdge® technology.

EverEdge technology, found only in Hu-Friedy curettes and scalers, is a revolutionary stainless steel alloy that provides more durable working ends that also stay sharper longer. To the clinician, this means less frequent sharpening, less hand fatigue and greater comfort throughout the day.

“Resin 8 Colors is a great example of Hu-Friedy customer-centric product innovation,” said Ken Serota, President, Hu-Friedy Manufacturing LLC. “These hand scalers utilize a color coding system and are designed to stay vibrant through extended sterilization cycles. And when combined with EverEdge technology, the clinician experiences a superior resin instrument that provides more efficiency and better clinical outcomes.”

For more information about Hu-Friedy’s Resin 8 Colors, or to place an order, please call 1-800-HU-FRIEDY.

About Hu-Friedy
Founded in Chicago in 1908, Hu-Friedy Manufacturing Company helps dental professionals perform at their best by producing dental instruments and products designed to function as an extension of each practitioner’s particular skill. Its products, hand-crafted by highly-skilled artisans, are known for their precision, performance, longevity, reliability and quality. Headquartered in Chicago, Hu-Friedy products are distributed in more than 75 countries and the company maintains offices in Rotterdam, Tuttlingen, Germany, Milan, Shanghai and Tokyo.

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