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i-CAT Honored as Cone Beam CT Scanner of Choice by Orthotown

February 9, 2015
by KaVo*

 i-CAT proudly announces that its 3D cone beam imaging technology once again has gained recognition from orthodontists.

Hatfield, PA – Orthotown, a Farran Media interactive healthcare community, has named the i-CAT™ family of 3D imaging products featuring Tx STUDIO™ 5.3 software as winners in the X-ray Equipment, Cone Beam Scanner category for its 2014 “Ortho Townie Choice Awards.” These i-CAT products won this honor for consistently showing effectiveness and practice-building benefits. i-CAT has garnered a Townie or Orthotown Choice Awards recognition each year since Cone Beam Scanner was established as a category.

i-CAT 3D imaging products allow orthodontists to capture scans based on patients’ unique case needs with some of the fastest scan-to-plan workflow available. i-CAT’s exclusive software suite offers many tools specific for use by orthodontists to aid in diagnosis. Orthodontists can capture all initial orthodontic records in a single 3D scan, with the ability to capture these diagnostic images in as few as 4.8 seconds. For orthodontic treatment planning, the information obtainable from i-CAT scans can help clinicians to precisely locate impacted teeth with adjustable cross-sectional views and volume renderings, and create panoramic, cephalometric and other images, as well as to generate custom views for airway analysis and corrected views for TMJ analysis.

Orthodontists can obtain all of this vital information while maintaining control over radiation dose. i-CAT FLX offers a variety of exposure protocols allowing clinicians to adjust dosage to specific diagnostic needs. The range of features offered by the i-CAT FLX includes its ability to capture full dentition 3D imaging at a dose comparable to a 2D Panoramic X-ray with QuickScan+ when less detail may be suitable for certain diagnostic tasks. Depending upon the needs of the individual patient, the orthodontist can further dose through resolution and modality choices, as well as through collimation—the selection of any height from full view to just one arch.

“Knowing that we have won the recognition of the orthodontic community two years in a row shows that our emphasis on flexibility in image size and control over dose has been noticed and appreciated,” said Richard Matty, Director of Marketing for i-CAT. “We are so grateful for this positive feedback from orthodontists, and we are proud to have won yet again this award and their trust. We will continue to listen to the orthodontic community’s needs for effective and low-radiation 3D imaging tools so they can more effectively serve their patients.” About i-CAT Serving the dental industry since 1992, i-CAT™ is at the global forefront in the development and manufacturing of the computer-controlled dental and maxillofacial radiography products, and internationally recognized by highly regarded dentists and radiologists as one of the most innovative companies in dental imaging. i-CAT™ systems offers clinicians enhanced features for highly effective treatment planning and surgical predictability. i-CAT is exclusively distributed by Henry Schein Dental. To learn more, visit www.i-cat.com.

i-CAT is a member of the KaVo Kerr Group. KaVo Kerr Group is a global portfolio of leading dental brands that share common values of Trust, Experience, Choices, Quality and Smart Innovation. Brands include KaVo, Kerr, Kerr Total Care, Pentron, Axis|Sybron Endo, Orascoptic, Pelton & Crane, Marus, Gendex, DEXIS, Instrumentarium, SOREDEX, i-CAT, NOMAD, Implant Direct and Ormco. With over 500 years of combined experience and proven solutions, KaVo Kerr Group uniquely serves 99% of all dental practices. Visit www.kavokerrgroup.com for more information.

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