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Introducing the JDEvolution Implant System

June 12, 2014
by HANSAmed Ltd.

JDEvolution® was developed on the basis of the most advanced trends and the latest scientific findings in oral implantology.

Features of the JDEvolution® implant system:
                1. Easy to use – exclusive fixture design and a single prosthetic platform for all implant diameters

                2. Flexible – a full range of prosthetic components

                3. Predictable osseointegration – high primary stability even in compromised bone

                4. Built-in Platform Switching – soft tissue stability

 Made in Italy…now available in Canada!


Our competence, your safety.
JDentalCare rises from the synthesis between the experience of dentists, opinion leaders in dental implantology, and the contribution of an engineering team composed by experts of implant systems design and manufacturing.

The company is headquartered in Modena, Italy, in a region characterized by a deep-rooted know-how in the precision micromechanics applied in the medical field.

This fact has allowed JDentalCare to be supported in the development of its products by high skilled partners. The mission of JDentalCare is to design, develop and trade dental implants characterized by a strong innovative feature that could fit and satisfy the most modern needs of dentists and patients.

For this reason JDentalCare invests huge resources on researching innovative solutions as demonstrated by the international patents JDShape® and JDTorque®: besides JDentalCare collaborates with National and International Research Institutes and carries on several projects with important Italian Universities, to maintain constant contacts with technological developments.

Our company organizes free training sessions to allow dentists to test our products and assimilate the surgical technique that we trust in.

We intend to follow the dentist in every step of the treatment process offering the constant consultancy of our opinion leaders on the specific cases. ‘Just smile’ is the message we want to address to dentists and patients: because, at the end, nothing is easier than smiling.

Training Program 2014
JDentalCare offers a broad range of training and educational events, from courses aimed at improving basic implantology and restorative skills to more advanced programs aimed at experienced professionals. All the courses are organized in the JDentalCare Training Center which is located in Modena, Italy. The conference room can accommodate up to 50 participants and it is equipped with stations for hands-on courses. The professional Full-HD audio-visual equipment allows optimal interface during live-treatments, registration of all the clinical procedures as well as easy connection with the clinic located just at the first floor. This is your opportunity to update your knowledge of the very latest techniques in implant and restorative dentistry.

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