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Introducing the MiniCam HD: Shoot. Store. Share.

March 11, 2014
by Oral Health Group

The First HD Loupe-Mounted Camera Designed by Dentists for Dentists from L.A. Lens

The MiniCam HD is the first loupe-mounted video camera that allows dentists and dental hygienists to easily shoot, store, and share their procedures. This new generation of dental video communication and documentation gives dentists and hygienists the ability to create a multitude of new service possibilities with improved quality of care for their patients.


Shoot. This high quality, lightweight HD camera easily attaches to Dental loupes and headbands to provide users with effortless, hands free video documentation and image capturing. L.A. Lens’ superior camera optics offer an extended depth-of-field, allowing for razor-sharp image with any loupe.

The L.A. Lens video camera uses a USB cable to connect to most Windows based computers and provides pristine HD video. Additionally, the MiniCam HD allows for high-resolution still image capturing and audio narration.

Store. The MiniCam HD software sets it apart from any other camera on the market. This easy-to-use, intuitive software allows easy recording, playback, and storage of video and images. No extra time is needed to hassle with editing, encoding and uploading. It is made so easy that no previous video experience is needed. The camera is operated by a foot pedal that can be used to take HD video and still images without interrupting procedures.

Share. Another truly unique function of the MiniCam HD is its ability to share videos any time, anywhere, with any device (including Smartphones and iPads). MiniCam HD uses a private cloud system to enable quick and safe sharing of videos.

Sending videos is as easy as sending an email and can be shared with patients, specialists, hygienists, technicians, insurers and others.

Once the procedure has ended, users simply save the video and enter their patient’s email address. A link is then sent to the patient’s email and can be opened and viewed whenever the patient chooses without the need to download. Additionally, bank-level data security allows secure transmission of patient information.


Using pictures and video will enhance customer experience and confidence in your practice. By providing extensive visual documentation of their entire treatment, patients are able to make more informed decisions and are more likely to take suggestions into consideration.

Extend your reach. Customize your patients’ experience and send your advice  home with them by creating personalized oral healthcare videos, such as 1-2 minute video tutorials on flossing or brushing. Record while you work and narrate your findings while they happen. By emailing a link to your patients, you are able to extend your care for them right into their home.

Share your findings clearly and easily. Referrals and sharing are now easier than ever. Emailing a video link allows you to share patient information with patients, specialists, technicians, insurers, and hygienists quickly and efficiently.

Save time on documentation. HD video and images are easily captured and stored. Video with narration creates and easily reviewable record of the patient’s visit that can be saved securely, then retrieved anytime, anywhere, on any device. Use this video documentation to show your patient how his or her gums have improved over the past three visits or to jog your memory when you haven’t seen a patient for a while.

Lift your acceptance rates. Patients often don’t trust what they can’t see or feel. Dentists have become accustomed to using digital images and x-rays to help patients understand their treatment recommendations. Now, HD video creates a new and more compelling way to show your patients exactly what you want them to see. And for the first time, recordings can be shared directly to your patient’s home as he or she considers your recommendation.

Differentiate your practice. With over 180,000 active dentists in the United States[1], it is important to show you have something special to offer new and existing patients and keep them coming back. With personalized, narrated videos, you can improve patients’ trust in your practice and build customer loyalty. The MiniCam HD gives you the chance to give better care without spending an excess amount of time on it, which leads to higher patient satisfaction. About L.A. Lens L.A. Lens, based in Los Angeles, California, (www.la-lens.com) manufacturers HD cameras, surgical loupes, and portable LED headlights to medical and dental professionals.

L.A. Lens’ MiniCam HD is the first loupe-mounted video camera to enable dentists and hygienists to easily shoot, store and share their procedures.  This high-quality, lightweight HD camera attaches to any loupe or headbands to provide users with effortless, hands free video documentation and image capturing, which can be stored and shared with the click of a button.

The company is also a provider of high-resolution Custom Through-The-Lens (TTL’s) and Flip-Up surgical loupes that have been ergonomically designed to offer medical and dental practitioners superior magnification, outstanding clarity, and utmost comfort.

L.A. Lens’ Spotlight and Starlight Mini are two of the lightest and brightest LED headlights on the market- weighing as little as 0.1 ounces and producing a light intensity ranging from 4,150 to 8,500 foot candles.

For additional information please contact us by phone toll-free at (844) 332-8383, by e-mail at info@la-lens.com or visit www.la-lens.com.

[1] http://www.ada.org/1444.aspx#workforce

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